An Aeroape one of the giant flying primates created of Professor Cornelius Senear, not to be confused with theWinged Monkeys of Oz, by L. Frank Baum. One of these constructed creature and, possibly, several more like it, attacked Castle Wulfenbach while the Baron was in the Great Hospital of Mechanicsburg recovering from the injuries he received when one of Agatha's Wagon Clanks, Baba Yaga, fell on him during the Battle of Sturmhalten.

Mechanicsburg was surrounded by Wulfenbach forces at the time, yet Mechanicsburg was still attacked by clanks, artillery and airships from assailants unknown, but quite possibly Professor Senear who, apparently, is an old enemy of Baron Wulfenbach.

Based on remarks, there are presumably much smaller versions, and for them to reach this size is especially noteworthy pointing towards the possible specialty of Professor Senear.

Professor Senear sought asylum in Mechanicsburg.

Background Edit

The Foglios may or may not have been influenced by this classic Silver Age Comics Story.