Archive of Our Own , the fan run fanfiction archive, has a Girl Genius category. Girl Genius is a common fandom, and can be used to filter works.

Like all Archive of Our Own fandoms, the works in the Girl Genius tag can be sorted by tags. The tag sets that are present in all fandoms are:

  1. Ratings (General Audiences, Teen and Up, Mature, Explicit and Not Rated.)
  2. Archive Warnings (Major Character Death, Graphic Depictions of Violence, and Rape/Non-Con.)
  3. Categories (Gen (works focusing platonic relationships between characters or not involving major romance), M/M (works focusing on romantic/sexual relationships between two men), F/M (works focusing on romantic/sexual relationships between a man and a woman), F/F (works focusing or a romantic or sexual relationship between two women), Multi (works focusing on a romantic or sexual relationship between more than two people).)
  4. Fandoms (All works in the Girl Genius tag are of course tagged with the fandom "Girl Genius", but some are also tagged with other fandoms as well. This can mean that characters from the other fandom are part of the story, that the story takes place in the world of the other fandom, or that the two canons are being combined in some other way.)
  5. Characters (Only the most commonly tagged characters are listed on the sidebar.)
  6. Relationships (Only the most commonly tagged relationships are listed in the sidebar. A / between the character's names indicates a romantic or sexual relationship, a & indicates a platonic one. Platonic relationships are often not tagged.)
  7. Other tags (Whatever else the author tagged the work with, thinking it might be important for the reader to know. Only the most common tags are listed on the sidebar.)

If you are having trouble finding what you want:

  • Clicking on a tag on a work's entry will take you to a site-wide search for that tag; clicking the tick boxes next to tags on the sidebar will allow you to narrow your search within the tag.
  • If you want to search for works without a certain tag, type -"tagname" into the "search within results" box on the sidebar.
  • If you aren't seeing the sidebar, click on the "Girl Genius" link below the name of any work. That will take you to the list of works tagged with fandom: Girl Genius.
  • The "sort by" field at the top of the sidebar is a drop-down menu.

As of November, 2017, the most commonly tagged character is "Agatha Heterodyne", the most commonly tagged relationship is "Agatha Heterodyne/Tarvek Sturmvoraus/Gilgamesh Wulfenbach" and you can't properly type "Jäger" in the tags because AO3 can't handle the umlaut.

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