Ardsley Wooster is a British secret agent, undercover until "recently" as the manservant of Gilgamesh Wulfenbach.


Wooster first met Gil while Gil was living incognito as a student in Paris. On leaving Paris, Gil brought Wooster to Castle Wulfenbach with the promise of a job, only later revealing that he was the Wulfenbach heir. (Unbeknownst to Wooster, Gil was also keeping the known spy close to hand.) Wooster worked as Gil's manservant for quite some time, and the two seem to have developed a genuine affection for each other.[1][2][3]

On learning that Agatha Heterodyne is not dead, Gil secretly sends Wooster to protect her. In a transformative display of Spark charisma, Gil ensures Wooster's obedience, though he must reveal his knowledge of Wooster's occupation and orders to do so. A thoroughly cowed Wooster takes Gil's flyer to Sturmhalten, where he hooks up with Master Payne's Circus of Adventure, fights against[4] Gil's father in the Battle of Sturmhalten, and narrowly avoids being killed by Bangladesh DuPree. Wooster invites Agatha to safety in England as Gil had commanded, but Agatha insists on going to Mechanicsburg instead. Only the Circus accepts Wooster's invitation.

Wooster was present in the company of Carson von Mekkhan and Agatha, just before she enters Castle Heterodyne alone. Whether he will report to England, to Gil, or to some combination thereof remains unknown. He cannot relish either prospect. He was last seen revealing Wulfenbach's plans to decimate Mechanicsburg to the Jägergenerals.


Time Skip (Approximately two and a half years after Bomb/Door)Edit

Wooster meets Agatha in the Heterodyne Mountain Bunkers, or "The Sneaky Cave". Placed there by his superiors in the British spy network as punishment for cover blown, network exposed, target lost, Europa destabilized, and there are far worse punishments. He personally is not the reason for any of those events, but he was there and didn't prevent it. His new assignment as a disgraced British spy is to keep an eye on things near Mechanicsburg.

Time hasn't affected him much when he makes his first appearance after the time skip. He still has the same hairstyle, and wears his clothes in the same style as when on Castle Wulfenbach. His skin tone is a bit darker, and if it wasn't for the name and hair color could be mistaken for Vanamonde von Mekkhan. His hair is also a bit disheveled, perhaps he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

He subsequently joins Agatha on her journey when she sets out for Paris in an attempt to find a way to free Mechanicsburg from the Baron-induced time-bubble.

The Works Edit

Ardsley Wooster is a card in The Works, where he's also Hero and Spy. Have some tea.

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

Bertie Wooster is the name of a character in PG Wodehouse's Jeeves series, about a snarky valet. That Wooster was the employer, however, and far less "with it" than either this Wooster or his boss. Then again Wooster performs the mission without real thought to prevent the later consequences, and is more of a spontaneous on the moment spy.


  1. Wooster ribs Gil about his taste in entertainment.
  2. Wooster worries that Gil will neglect himself while grieving over Agatha.
  3. Gil regrets sacrificing their camaraderie.
  4. Summarily resigning from Wulfenbach employ by apparent treason.

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