The Assistant has no known given name (yet), but is called thus in the Girl Genius Complete List of Absolutely Everybody! (Mechanicsburg section), where it is reported she will be Agatha's secretary, as well as the Official Volume VII cast list. Her normal costume appears to be a white cloak and large trilobite earrings, and she is seen in almost all appearances carrying a large bound book.

The Assistant is first seen in the coffee shop, helping Agatha by coordinating workers ("I've had word from the power station, the waterwights' guild, and the best three smiths in town!" ). She then shows up to introduce Wilhelm Diamant to Agatha during the events in the crypt and is near Agatha on the wall while watching the battle clanks versus Gil (and aftermath ). After Agatha heads into Castle Heterodyne, she minds the town and Vanamonde von Mekkhan.

Undoubtedly she will greet the triumphant Agatha (once the Castle is fixed) with her mail sorted and a list of tomorrow's meetings. Sadly that joke has been put on hold due to the one-man invasion of Klaus and the take five device. She is currently trapped in time along with the rest of the town.

A Possible Sighting Edit

A woman strongly resembling her (though lacking all her more memorable accessories) appears as some form of assistant or minder for Vanamonde in the Ivo Sharktooth PJ side-story, which is set in the future of the main narrative, in a Mechanicsburg freed from the time-bubble and under the rule of Agatha.

Who is she? Edit

Note that even Vanamonde asks this question of her on more than one occasion.

She is never without her book. In that way she seems very like the muse with a smokestack for a hat. What does this all mean?