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Is the Assistant a Muse? Edit

She is never without her book. In that way she seems very like the muse with a smokestack for a hat. There is a good possibility she will turn out to be the muse of industry.

People who support this theory: Rej¿¤¤?

Accounting = Doom? Yah, like in "Domesday Book". And I think her name must be "Paige". (Look it up.)

People who support this theory: SpareParts

Evidence? Doesn't it seem strange how Vanamonde doesn't know her? Also that we never see her ears?[1]


The Assistant is from an Organization or Family which Worships the Muse of Industry Edit


Assistants who worship Clio.

The very first picture in the story displays what appears to be a male "Assistant" . The Muse Clio, clearly a Van Rijn clank, here portrayed in the middle of the illustration. The youngest assistant who turns up in the story without preamble, but simply assumes her job with Agatha at the coffee shop , is a young female and is on the right hand side of this illustration. Notice that she has a badge portraying lightning at her throat, where you would ordinarily expect to find a trilobite on a Heterodyne minion. Instead, she wears trilobites on her ears as earrings. Perhaps the Muse Clio has taken up residence in Mechanicsburg and is teaching youngsters how to be professional helpers. The lightning device could then be an homage to Clio's deceased owner--the Storm King. All of which lends a lot of credibility to cliodynamics.

People who support this theory: Billy Catringer

Could The Assistant be related to Klaus and Gil?Edit


The late Wulfenbach.

Bear with me here. I recently saw the picture to the right of the late Baron Wulfenbach, Klaus's mum. Here's a link to where I got it.

I thought she looked familliar, and on a recent archive binge I realized why. She resmbles the Assistant a lot, at least, in my opinion.

People who support this theory: Flashwitch

Could she be an office professional? Edit

Could she be a pretty local girl who can type 40 w.p.m. & take good shorthand? And nothing more?

People who support this theory: Bosda
Note: 40 w.p.m would be considered rather bad (hunt and peck usually gives a speed of 27-37 wpm) for someone that have typing as a major part of their daily work, An average professional typist types usually in speeds of 50 to 80 wpm with some advanced typists working at speeds above 120 wpm.
For shorthand over 100 wpm is a requirement for journalists and anything less would be useless for taking reliable dictations and a speed between 150-200 wpm would be considered good. (talk) 20:50, May 31, 2016 (UTC)

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