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Many characters in the Girl Genius comics wear or display badges. The badges are used as cloak clasps, lockets, or other clothing. Badges are also seen on machinery to identify the owner or owning House. The use of badges in these manners is an old heraldic practice, and many our-world examples can be found throughout history.

Note that the gas connector ring Gil slides onto Agatha's ring finger has the badge stamped into the band — as she looks at it, she remarks, "You guys really do sign everything, don't you?"

Many badges are seen with and without wings. The significance of the wings has been discussed, but no consensus has been reached.

Description Emblazon Significance Uses
Trilobite Trilo-stylized House Heterodyne First seen as worn by Agatha Clay/Heterodyne
Trilobite with wings Winged-trilobite House Heterodyne Worn by Agatha Heterodyne
Castle Wulfenbach-tower House Wulfenbach Seen on Schloss Wulfenbach in flashback.
(See also: Comments on possible badge origin)
Castle with wings Wulfenbach tower winged House Wulfenbach Worn by Klaus Wulfenbach
Triangular tower with eye On bridge .
Triangular tower with eye with wings Worn by Duke in the Refuge of Storms.
Lightning Bolt Lightningbolt Blitzengaard family? Worn by Martellus Von Blitzengaard as a circlet, also seen briefly on Vanamonde's nameless assistant
Beetle (Scarab) Beetlebadge Beetle family? Worn by Tarsus Beetle
Sword through gear Swordandgear House Sturmvoraus Worn by members of House Sturmvoraus
Sword through gear with wings Sturmvoraus winged House Sturmvoraus Worn by Sturmhalten troops and the Prince of Sturmhalten . Also on a mirror in The Refuge of Storms.
A fess between three heraldic roses.
The tinctures are unclear, but seem
to be Tudor-style double roses with
a 'metal' (white/silver or yellow/gold)
horizontal stripe between.
Von-bode sigilplate Von Bode Plate taken from a Spider Clank
Two fish around a globe
(naiant in annulo)
Mongfish-defaced Mongfish family Fictional walking fish clank , Von Pinn's watch
Fleur-de-lis Fleur-de-lis House of the Storm King, Van Rijn's Muses Knights of Jove , Fictional Storm King , Muses
Union Flag on an oval Wooster House of Queen Albia of England? Seen worn by Ardsley Wooster post Time-skip, and by Trelawney Thorpe

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