"DuPree. When I say the words 'Alive and Unharmed', do any neurons actually fire in that brain of yours?"
"Um -- no Sir!"
"I thought not."
The Baron and DuPree [1]

Backstory Edit

Bangladesh DuPree, also known as Dupree or Bang, is a member of Baron Klaus Wulfenbach's inner circle -- a fact that forms a pretty strong argument against the contention that Klaus is one of the Good Guys, as DuPree is pretty thoroughly amoral. She's a former pirate queen who lost her fleet somewhere, somehow. (It has been strongly implied that Zeetha had something to do with that. Zeetha's involvement is practically confirmed by Agatha H. and the Airship City, where it is mentioned that Bang returned to her fortress to find it in flaming ruins and describes the aftermath of the attack the same way Zeetha described the aftermath of her killing of the pirates.) She now makes her living as muscle for the Baron. This works well for both of them: Klaus can terrify rebellious Europans without getting his hands dirty (most of the time), and DuPree gets to do what she loves most -- namely, torturing and killing people, in which she is often assisted by a loyal squad under her command (possibly members of her old pirate crew).

In their school days, Dupree seems to have been one of Gil Holzfäller's "pirates/doxies/tarts" (And yet a more recent example) . It is later confirmed that Dupree was in Paris together with Gil, who adds that she "was with Sturmvoraus a lot more than I ever was" . She has been shown to be guilty of holding Tarvek prisoner . Years later Dupree remembers fondly her time spent tormenting him, calling him Prince "How Dare You".



She normally wears an airship captain uniform consisting of a white cap, slacks and coat over a red turtleneck. The turtleneck is undoubtedly red so as not to clash with all the blood she spills. A small skull-shaped bindi normally adorns her forehead. She has also appeared on at least one occasion where she was scantily clad. It was right after a fencing workout with Gil on the fantail deck of Castle Wulfenbach.

Bang At Work Edit

She's first seen briefly in a flashback by Moloch von Zinzer, but makes her first real appearance here , taking Othar Tryggvassen's cry for help as a request to be tortured more.

DuPree has a problem that the Baron is helping her with. She is looking for the person(s) who trashed her pirate fortress and Klaus has the intelligence services with much wider reach than she would alone. it's part of the deal she has with Klaus for her services. This is all described in The Secret Blueprints for Volume One and Agatha H. and the Airship City.

By and large, at least until/unless she gets her pirate fleet back, she only tortures, maims and kills those whom the Baron (or sometimes Gil) tells her to process. However, she interprets her orders in this regard very liberally. This causes a bit of a problem, for example, when Agatha and Krosp are escaping from Castle Wulfenbach, and Her Highness Zulenna Luzhakna fights a delaying action to let them get away. DuPree cordially and nonchalantly stabs her with a stiletto and kicks her out of the way, which is probably not something Klaus would have preferred happen to a student from one of the Fifty Families while on board Castle Wulfenbach.

She acquires a broken jaw inflicted by The Unstoppable Higgs during a melee aboard a Wulfenbach medical airship. Though for a while her jaw was wired shut , her enthusiasm for homicide remained undampened. Her capacity for sass while performing it, on the other hand, was significantly impaired -- the prospect of a speechless DuPree is one of those things that helps Klaus maintain his will to live as he convalesces. Fortunately for our favorite pirate, her jaw is once again functioning correctly , thanks to Sun Jen-djieh and the other men and women of the Great Hospital.

She is later seen at the Wulfenbach airship where she receives word of Gil's Magnificent Hat, but sadly enough doesn't get the chance to actually see it for he gave orders to an officer to "hide it in a safe place and never speak of it again" .

Gil then asks her why she was not at the hospital protecting his father during its destruction. She claims that she had left under Klaus's orders, which Gil harshly admonished. Incensed by his accusative tone against her, she bluntly tells him that she always followed the Baron's orders no matter what, then slowly breaks down into tears as she expresses genuine regret over not reaching the hospital in time to save him. Gil comforts her for this, during which she threatens to kill him for making her cry. This only speaks volumes of how much she really cares about Klaus, indicating that he may be more than just an employer to her . After the Baron reappears alive, Gil forces a dose of Tarvek's anti-revenant formula on her; whether this act will have any long-term consequences remains to be seen.

Following the Klaus-induced Timeskip and Gil's assumption of the title of Baron, she is still working for him, though showing increasing frustration and suspicion with his erratic behavior; she finally forces him to admit that he allowed Klaus to imprint a copy of his personality into Gil's brain as a control mechanism. Her reaction to this revelation is fairly typical. She might prove to be somewhat mollified by the recovery of Captain Vole from the Mechanicsburg time-bubble, especially since the process has made him even more attractive and desirable.

She accompanies Gil when he goes in pursuit of the "rescued" Tarvek, leading eventually to them intercepting the cargo airship The Mopey Tortoise as it crosses the English Channel from Paris, whereupon (to much squee-ing by the Tortoise's pirate-ish crew) she gives Tweedle's Chief Torturer Jaron a taste of his own medicine. She and Tarvek then knock out and chain up Gil, taking him on to England in hopes of removing the Klaus-copy. For as yet undisclosed reasons, upon arriving in Albia's domain Bang passes herself off as one of the aforementioned crew.

The Works Edit

Bangladesh DuPree is a card in The Works. Her epithets are Mad, Villain, Lackey, and Queen.

The depiction is very similar to how she appears in the comic. She is laughing and holding a serpentine-bladed dagger dripping green slime.

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