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This article is about a member of House Heterodyne. For others in the lineage or other uses, see Heterodyne (disambiguation).

Barry Heterodyne is the younger of the two legendary brothers who went adventuring heroically all over Europa in recent history. As with a lot of that history, it is already becoming difficult to tell fact from legend...

Barry seems to have been the more easy-going, fun-loving, and resilient of the two.[1] After the attack on Castle Heterodyne, it was Barry who took charge of rescuing survivors and so on, before he and Bill left to fight The Other. It seems that he vanished along with his brother, but was able to return secretly without him. While in hiding, he raised Agatha and later gave her a device to keep her Spark suppressed.[2] He also apparently issued dire warnings against Klaus Wulfenbach to Punch, Judy, and Dr. Beetle, though why he felt he had to keep himself and Agatha hidden, even from friends and allies (and specifically Klaus), is one of the big mysteries.

Barry set out for some unknown purpose eleven years prior to the events of Girl Genius, entrusting a young Agatha to the loving care of Punch and Judy. Punch and Judy seem to have been expecting his return at any time.[3]

In the Heterodyne stories, he always ends up with whomever the exotic High Priestess happens to be. However, when Klaus learns that Agatha is a Heterodyne, he asks if she is Barry's daughter, something that he says would be a "surprise", indicating that for whatever reason, Barry is unlikely to have had any children.

The Works Edit

In addition to a sepia-toned card for The Heterodyne Boys, there is also a card for Uncle Barry, who on his own is also Hero, Legend, and Spark.

Questions and Theories Edit

  1. What did Barry see, or think he saw, Klaus do that led him to warn everyone against him?
  2. What prompted Barry to leave when he did and what was his mission?
  3. Where is Barry now?
  4. Why is Lucrezia so afraid of Barry turning back up after all these years?

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