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Questions and TheoriesEdit

  1. What prompted Barry to leave when he did and what was his mission?
  2. Where is Barry now?
    1. Related Article: Prometheus Bunbury/Mad
  3. Why does he not return?
  4. Is it mere coincidence Mechanicsburg is where Dr. Sun works?
  5. Why does Barry Heterodyne always wind up with the High Priestess? She is part of the Major Aracana of the divinatory tarot deck.
  6. Are the Professors Foglio implying that Barry Heterodyne is The Fool or are they tryihg to tell us that he is The Magician? Surely if anyone buys into this tarot theory, he or she must also conclude that Bill Heterodyne is The Hierophant.
  7. Why, in Klaus's opinion at least, would it be a "surprise" if it turned out that Barry fathered a child?


Hy sink Hy see hem hin da crowd, bottom left, bach row . Re-constructed? If zo, hexplains a LOT. Poor Barry! Hu done dat to hem? Lucrezia? Zumbody safed hem after he vas vounded, but did not zo goot?

Yah, Hy know der hair iz not blonde, but iz it hiz own hair? (Dey might uf needed ein neu scalp...) Or, iz he in hiding until he gots better und dyed hit?
People who support this theory: Altgorl

Nyet. The Construct looks very little like Barry, much like Maynard G Krebbs. Bosda Di'Chi (talk) 11:28, April 19, 2016 (UTC)

Suspicions of KlausEdit

Professor Beetle's terror at being taken alive by Klaus could, reasonably, be attributed to fear of becoming a head in a jar, or becoming one of the deep thinkers (if these are distinct fates), but this would tend to support the theory that Beetle believed Klaus to be the Other, based on what he learned from Barry, as it would be a natural reaction to the prospect of being made a revenant.

Given that Klaus is now, thanks to Agatha/Lucrezia, a revenant, the possibility of Barry glimpsing the future revenant Klaus through a time portal, and not realizing that Klaus was not yet a revenant, nor would he become one for some time, has been considered.

People who support this theory: Bosda

Agatha's PaternityEdit

When Klaus learns Agatha's identity (during Punch and Judy's rescue attempt), he suggests that Barry -- not Bill -- may be Agatha's father. Agatha also seems to have a stronger emotional connection to "Uncle Barry" than to Bill - Barry appears in both of her breakthrough dreams (here and here).

It may be of note that Barry shares a distinct facial resemblance with Agatha. Hair aside -- where one can assert that she has her mother's blonde hair rather than Bill's dark hair, should she actually be Bill's daughter -- Agatha has Barry's eyebrows and his need for corrective lenses.

People who support this theory:


It has been stated by Word-of-God (no direct reference available) that Agatha is Bill and Lucrezia's daughter.

And anyway looking alike one of your parents' siblings is, believe it or not, very frequent case IRL

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