"A Merry-go-Round that can level a small town seems a bit overboard for 'self-defense'!".
"Well... it could be a really evil town..."
-- Krosp and Agatha

The Battle Circus was originally the wagons and other materiel of Master Payne's Circus of Adventure until Agatha got there. She (and her dingbots) turned the wagons into giant clanks, controlled by the music of the Silverodeon[1]. Some of the armament incorporated into the wagons included cannons, clusters of exploding dingbots, miniature rockets, edged weapons, and the arms, legs and wings to manipulate the lot.


Showtime at Sturmhalten.

Agatha first drafted the plans for the Battle Circus after the Monster Horse Beastie attacked the camp[2], concerned about the vulnerability of the concealed Sparks under Master Payne's "purloined letter" protection. The dingbots implemented Agatha's designs on the road, and were apparently finished (or at least at a functional stage of construction) by the time of the Battle of Sturmhalten. It enabled her to get one up on the Baron, but it was crippled in the process when he destroyed the Silverodeon control system.

What wasn't already destroyed in the fighting had to be left behind when the people of the Circus fled the scene, and it's almost certain that it will never be seen again, but it's definitely made its mark on history.


  1. Or, if you prefer, SHOWTIME!
  2. "...the most normal looking circus on earth!"

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