Belgrade in relation to Transylvania (to the NE)

100px-Flag of Belgrade

Flag of Belgrade

Belgrade (also spelled Београд) is a major Europan city located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, and not far from the Balkan Mountains. It lies to the south-southeast of Transylvania, and its growth is due to convenient placement to take advantage of traffic along both its rivers, to the mountain passes east of the city, and travellers headed for the Adriatic Coast.

Belgrade is also the site of one of the oldest-documented areas of Europan settlement. The area has been home to the Vinča Culture, been visited by the Greek Argonauts, been settled by the Celts, made an official Roman city and was finally claimed by the White Serbs. However, in our history, it was also claimed at various times by Byzantine, Frankish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Serbian, Ottoman and Austrian forces, and has been razed 44 times in its history [1].

Whether in Agatha's timeline some of those invasions would have been demurred by a Heterodyne presence or occupation is not known, but considering the breadth of her ancestors' influence, entirely possible.

Belgrade is mentioned by Sergeant Scorp as the site of one of Grantz's missions . That a city of this size would attract Sparks and their monsters is not at all surprising (more that said Sparks haven't razed it a 45th time).

Possibly Relevant Outside InformationEdit

The Nikola Tesla Museum, which is located in central Belgrade, was founded in 1952 and preserves the personal items of the famed inventor. It holds around 160,000 original documents and around 5,700 other items [2].


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