Brain coring is one of the methods Baron Klaus Wulfenbach uses to study the Spark.[1] It consists of selectively destroying areas of a subject's brain until they are no longer sparky.[2] Klaus says he's working hard on the problem of subsequent quality of life.[3]


It is one of the most controversial aspects of Klaus' person. Some believe that either the sparks he chooses to experiment on are all irredeemable criminals, or that the potential good of the study (i.e., finding a way to control the spark in elsewise uncontrollable individuals and thus helping out all of society) outweighs the negative side effects. Others believe that whether or not the sparks were criminals, and whether or not Klaus achieves his goal of understanding (and controlling) the spark, it is simply never ethical to dig into people's skulls.

See alsoEdit

  • An alternative, nuanced theory of the origin of Dr. Dim's condition that while admitting known facts, is, however, of questionable plausibility.
  • Lesioning a real world condition sometimes done purposefully on test animals to detect the function of specific areas in the brain.


  1. "The Baron studies the spark. One way he studies it is by destroying it. He "studied" my creator, Dr. Vapnoople. I couldn't save him..." Krosp
  2. "I will destroy parts of your brain, until you no longer are a spark."
  3. Ibid.

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