"Not every Spark is crashing around trying to take over Europa, you know! Some of us get to work on trains! Beautiful, shiny, wonderful trains! Other Sparks beg us to build lines into their territories! Muhahahaha!"[1]

Brother Matthias is the engineer of the Wyrm of Limerick. He is very skilled at his job, but not a people person. It turns out there is a reason for this. He is a Spark, as well as an engineer (apparently in both senses of the word).


He claimed that his engine made the "Konigsburg run in less that twelve kilometers," an obvious homage to the first Star Wars movie. Han Solo said that his ship, Millennium Falcon made the "...Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs!" The parsec, like the kilometer, is a measure of distance, not time.


  1. "Brother Matthias likes his job. It keeps him out of trouble."