Burgermeister Zuken is the nominal Big Pierogi[1] of Mechanicsburg. According to Carson von Mekkhan (the real power in town), when Baron Klaus Wulfenbach stepped into the chaos that resulted from the attack on Castle Heterodyne — and the subsequent disappearance of the Heterodyne Boys — he wanted some governing body he could work with, rather than the anarchy that appeared to prevail in the town.(Little did he know.)

He accordingly created a town council that seems to do the governing, and the good[2] citizens of Mechanicsburg are happy to let him have his illusions. Zuken's title implies that, at story time, he's at the head of this motley crew, and even well-informed outsiders such as Ardsley Wooster must buy the charade, until disabused. However it was later revealed that Baron Wulfenbach had suspected the charade for some time .

It's not clear that we've ever seen him, but in all likelihood, the flashback illustrating the council shows him front and center of the group. Although (or because) Carson works with these council members, his opinion of the Burgermeister is not high . However, Carson's expressed opinion of the actual seneschal-to-be, his grandson Vanamonde von Mekkhan, is not always much higher.

According to Violetta,[3] the Burgermeister had until very recently employed her as a secretary. (Whether he is aware that she was an enemy agent or even that she has now left his employ is an open question.)

He was found after the main attack during Siege of Mechanicsburg while the real goverment tried to deal with the attackers, it is unknown how he reacted to the ringing of the doom bell. He was likely placed in protective custody.[4]

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

"Bürgermeister" means "mayor".


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