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It bounces, too

A C-bomb is a small device that delivers a chemical weapon. Like grenades, C-bombs are primed and thrown. However, they use clockwork mechanisms - a mainspring key, an overly-delicate activation method for a thrown device - making it unlikely for them to be re-usable. The examples shown also have weighted round bases, ensuring that the devices face up when dropped, thrown or skidded across a surface, so that the gas is discharged upwards to fill a given space - the gas evidently disperses quickly enough that pointing a bomb at a group of people will incapacitate them without affecting the user.

C-bombs can deliver C-gas, a nonlethal chemical that will put a human to sleep for about thirty-six hours or a little more. No side effects have so far been observed. There is a possibility that C-gas may not affect Jägermonsters (who are constructs), but this is uncertain. C-gas is used by Wulfenbach forces to capture a fugitive clank-maker in Clay Mechanical.


D-gas - related formula?

D-gas is a similar substance (or perhaps the same substance in a different container or with a different dispersal method). It will incapacitate a Construct, as well as a human, without killing either. Baron Klaus Wulfenbach uses D-gas to make Von Pinn and Bangladesh DuPree stop trying to kill each other. It is perhaps mistakenly called c-gas in the novelization.

The Baron also uses one gas or another to tranquilize the respectfully-rebellious students when they interfere with his pursuit of Agatha Heterodyne. Gas is also one of the weapons used to subdue the revenants at Sturmhalten.

C-gas canisters were dropped en masse on Mechanicsburg during the Wulfenbach attack. However, it was easily nullified by the town's built in Aetheric Particle-Neutralizing Hydro-Atmospheric Drench System, which was fortunately repaired and primed earlier in the day.

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