Captain Patel is the master of the operational side of the Castle Wulfenbach. In matters of running the vast airship, Patel would be subordinate only to the Baron and his heir Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, if them. (It is suspected, but not known, that naval etiquette, including the principle that a captain is the absolute master of his ship, is observed in Europan airships in general and Wulfenbach airships in particular. As such, it might be interesting to compare and contrast his position with that of the Heterodyne seneschal, except that almost nothing is known about it.) However, it is the Baron's secretary Boris Dolokhov who undertakes to run the empire at large while the Baron convalesces.

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

The Captain's job, hairstyle and turban suggest he could possibly be a Sikh, as that religion provides for well-trained warriors who have restrictions against cutting their hair. The surname 'Patel' is not Sikh itself, being Gujarati, but originates not far from what we know of as the Sikh homeland.

Also, Jules Verne portrayed Captain Nemo as man of Indian extraction. It was Disney who protrayed him as a white guy. -- Billy Catringer 06:55, February 21, 2011 (UTC)