Captain Radio-Hat was a Captain in the army of War Stompers who briefly besieged Mechanicsburg on behalf of the Knights of Jove. Given his ethnicity, probably a mercenary. We don't know his real name, but given his headgear, how could we possibly call him anything else?[1]

A British upper-class twit of the first water (notice the buck-teeth, the haw-hawing, the use of the phrases "b'god" and "wot"), Captain Radio-Hat displayed a love of shooting Jägers, an unfortunate lack of caution when dealing with supposedly unarmed Sparks, and an inability to survive being hit by an enormous lightning bolt . To be fair, he didn't get much of a chance to display any other character traits.

Still, he will be missed, even if only slightly, for his dashing taste in haberdashery, eh wot?


  1. Well, the cast list calls him "The Idiot in an Awesome Hat".