Carol Monahan

Carol Monahan was hired by Studio Foglio as a part-time business manager in 2013 with part of the proceeds of the successful 'print everything' Kickstarter[1]. Hiring her was the $300,000 stretch goal for this Kickstarter project.

Carol was Director of Sales & Logistics at Wizards of the Coast during the early days of Magic: The Gathering, (1993-2000), and is the current Vice President of Cheapass Games, publisher of The Works.[2]

Carol is the original Radio play voice of Ferretina.

The Works Edit

There are a number of cards related to Dr. Monahan and her rats in The Works. She is always depicted in a face mask, which is similar to classic goggles, but with more face protection.

Dr. Monahan herself appears — rat in one hand, syringe in the other — with details Mad, Villain, and Spark.

Dr. Monahan’s Rats is another card (with two copies); details are Mad, Giant, and Pests. The two rats are several meters tall.

Finally, Dr. Monahan’s Diabolical Rat Stretching Engine has the detail Machine. It isn't worth any points itself (which is unique), but increases the value of Pest cards for one turn.


  1. Welcome to the exciting World of UPDATE NUMBER EIGHT
  2. If she's such a "smarty-pants" business manager, why does she have a pancake on her head? See the $175,000 stretch goal of the Kickstarter for the answer, sort of.

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