Satellite image from Wikipedia Commons and NASA

The Carpathians are the series of mountain ranges which arc from the eastern end of the Alps and curve around the Transylvanian Plateau. The Carpathians are separated from the Alps by the Danube, which the mountain arc meets again at its northern end.

The total length of the Carpathians is over 1,500 kilometers, and the mountain chain's width varies between 12 and 500 kilometers. The highest range within the Carpathians are the Tatras (between Poland and Slovakia) where the highest peaks exceed 2600 meters in elevation. The mountains have been divided into several orographically and geologically distinctive groups for scientific purposes.

No area of the Carpathian range (in our world) is covered in snow year-round and there are no glaciers. With Sparky interference, this is easily likely to have been altered.

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