This category contains REDIRECT pages that are intentionally created with titles that are a common name (first name, surname, nickname, title, etc.) of some well-known entity. These common names are presumed always to refer to the redirect target, or else they would be disambiguation pages rather than REDIRECT. For instance, so far "Agatha" — especially unqualified — in the Girl Genius universe always refers to "Agatha Heterodyne", likewise "Klaus" and "The Baron" with respect to Baron Klaus Wulfenbach. If they were categorized (with the same categories as their targets), these pages would also have the effect of creating permuted index partial entries in the respective categories, but this has been determined to be undesirable.

If future events render one of the names below ambiguous (for instance, if a Jäger named Boris shows up) please convert it (i.e., convert to a disambiguation page.

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