Chapel of the Lady

Prince Aaronev leads the tour of the Chapel with the Summoning Engine

The Chapel of the Goddess (also called The Lady's Chapel) was a worship facility built by the Geisterdamen in exile as they searched for the Holy Child.

Constructed in the lower levels of Castle Sturmvoraus, it housed the Summoning Engine rebuilt by Vrin and Prince Aaronev VI after Loremistress Milvistle arranged for the original device to be destroyed.

In addition to the Engine and various pieces of scientific apparatus, the Chapel was decorated with feminine statuary and paintings and the Geisterdamen Goddess symbol. Whether regular rituals were performed in the Chapel as well is unknown.

The Chapel could be easily accessed by a passage to the Geisterdamen base in the Sturmhalten Deepdown. The base was effectively destroyed on evacuation, with tunnels collapsed as the Geisterdamen retreated, but the original plans to burn the Chapel [1] were trumped by Prince Tarvek demonstrating superior strategic technology for track-covering.


  1. "You have all the finesse of a Jägermonster sandwich."

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