"Cheese is great! The moon is made of it, you know!" ~Kaja[1]

In Girl Genius dialog and artwork, cheese often appears seemingly at random. One theory suggests that such cheese may highlight romantic attraction, especially ill-fated or skewed attraction: QED lust. Behold the power of Cheese. However, many appearances of cheese have no connection to romance (see list below).

Another theory suggests that a mention or appearance of cheese in an incongruous context is often funny (perhaps funnier than many other items in incongruous contexts), making it a good choice for an entertaining object appearing at random.

Appearances of CheeseEdit

In CanonEdit

(In order of appearance.)

In Maxim Buys a Hat Edit

  • Ognian requests a special lunch from his waitress involving a freshly emptied grease trap, raw meat and "lots ov cheeze." By the end of the mini-arc, he is suggesting they go find someplace, and her arms are around his neck. (Note: she is never heard to *say* anything in terms of attraction. It is left to the reader to guess how much chemistry is actually occurring.)
  • Maxim tricks Ol' Man Death into surrendering his hat by asking for a hat sandwich and requesting it to go. This answers Ognian's question as to why there is cheese on the hat. However, Oggie does not get around to noticing the note in Maxim's hand, nor did he hear Maxim flirting with Ol' Man Death's granddaughter, Zeuxippe.

In the Sketch BookEdit

In Revenge of the Weasel Queen Edit

  • According to Jorf Oxclonker, Ferretina's use for lusty young men involves grilling them with cheese . Depending on how one hears this phrase, it can be argued that this is not contrary to Zeetha's first conception nor what Ferretina actually does to Othar in the second part of the story.

In Filler Art WorkEdit

In the Novels Edit


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  9. Mama sez you must be cause of the way you dress!
  10. The old prophecy is fulfilled, free beer and cheese for all. — compare "ale and whores"
  11. I told the Baron: "Give me a thousand orphans, a hedge maze and enough cheese and I can—"
  12. If you don't see the romance connection, go away and come back when you have kids.
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