The graphic novels in the canon consist of fifteen published volumes in print, a sixteenth volume complete and available and a seventeenth volume in progress on the web. Starting with the fourteenth volume, the story has now entered Act 2 and the volume numbers have started over at one. Volumes in Act 2 will be identified in the chronology by the act number, a dash, and then the volume number; for example, Act 2, Volume 1 will be numbered 2-1. Eventually, the volumes in the first part, Act 1, will be renumbered to match.

The chronology pages describe the comics to assist scholars in finding the page on which something occurred. For each comic, the chronology pages identify the characters that appear, actions taken, significant quotes, and other notes. Section titles are from the canon unless otherwise noted.

For a partial timeline of the events in the comic, see Internal Chronology.

Novel (Agatha H. and the ...) Graphic Novel Chronology Cast List
Summary Chapters Volume Summary Starting
Act 1 Agatha Heterodyne and the ...
... Airship City 1-3 Volume I ... Beetleburg Clank November 2002 Volume I Cast I
4-6 Volume II ... Airship City May 2003 Volume II Cast II
7-10 Volume III ... Monster Engine December 2003 Volume III Cast III
... Clockwork Princess 1-4 Volume IV ... Circus of Dreams October 2004 Volume IV Cast IV
5-9 Volume V ... Clockwork Princess May 2005 Volume V Cast V
10-13 Volume VI ... Golden Trilobite March 2006 Volume VI Cast VI
... Voice of the Castle 1-3 Volume VII ... Voice of the Castle February 2007 Volume VII Cast VII
4-6 Volume VIII ... Chapel of Bones February 2008 Volume VIII Cast VIII
7-10[1] Volume IX ... Heirs of the Storm January 2009 Volume IX Cast IX
10[1]-11[2] Volume X ... Guardian Muse (1st half) December 2009 Volume X Cast X
Volume XI ... Hammerless Bell October 2010 Volume XI Cast XI
Volume XII ... Siege of Mechanicsburg November 2011 Volume XII Cast XII
Volume XIII ... Sleeping City December 2012 Volume XIII Cast XIII
Act 2 Girl Genius: ...
Volume 2-1 The Beast of the Rails March 2014 Volume 2-1 Cast 2-1
Volume 2-2 The City of Lightning January 2015 Volume 2-2 Cast 2-2
Volume 2-3 Volume 3 of Act 2 November 2015 Volume 2-3 Cast 2-3
Volume 2-4 Volume 4 of Act 2 September 2016 Volume 2-4 Cast 2-4

See alsoEdit

  • onComics. The home page and comics home are broken, as are the images for the "101" comics, but annotations exist for many comics.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Chapter 10 starts with the very end of Volume IX and inludes part of Volume X.
  2. Chapter 11 starts partway into Volume X, but ends about halfway through it.

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