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The graphic novels in the canon consist of thirteen published volumes and a fourteenth volume in progress and available on the web. Starting with the fourteenth volume, the story has now entered Act 2 and the volume numbers have started over at one. Volumes in Act 2 will be identified in the chronology by the act number, a dash, and then the volume number; for example, Act 2, Volume 1 will be numbered 2-1.

The chronology pages describe the comics to assist scholars in finding the page on which something occurred. For each comic, the chronology pages identify the characters that appear, actions taken, significant quotes, and other notes. Section titles are from the canon unless otherwise noted.

For a partial time line of the events in the comic, see Internal Chronology.

For more information on the double-page spreads in this volume, see the list of double-page spreads.

For more information on special pages in this this volume, see the list of special pages, notes, and annotations.

Page number note: Each page entry contains the page numbers from both the published volume and web comic images. The web page numbers are in parenthesis and are zero-padded to match the format used in the online images. Images that don't appear on the web are given web page numbers of NA.

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(!) sparking          <   in flashback
(*) heterodyning      >   in flashforward? (time portal)
~   imagined          =   in flash-concurrent

Front material Edit

Names Used Text Extras
Vol.VI p. 1(NA)
"Agatha Heterodyne & the Golden Trilobite: A Gaslamp Fantasy with adventure, romance, & mad science". Trilobite, Airship Entertainment impress.
Vol.VI p. 2(NA) Agatha Heterodyne
All material ©2001—2007 Studio Foglio.
Story by Phil & Kaja Foglio. Pencils by Phil Foglio. Main story colors by Cheyenne Wright. Selected spot illustrations colored by Kaja Foglio and Cheyenne Wright. Logos, Lettering, Artist Bullying & Book Design by Kaja. Fonts mostly by Comicraft—
ISBN 978-1-890856-42-7
2006-03-10 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 3(Cover)
Forum:2006-03-10 (Friday)
Agatha, Tarvek Sturmvoraus, Gilgamesh Wulfenbach
"Bonus Desktop: Drama!" ("Sooo… who's been reading too much romance manga?…")
Dedication ("the online community") and creator profiles ("The down side is that the cannon requires 16 giga-watts…").
Vol.VI p. 4(NA) Agatha, barrel-clank (oversized dingbot)
Vol.VI p. 5(NA) Agatha possessed by Lucrezia Mongfish
"The Story So Far"

DuPree is Brought up to Speed Edit

Location: Castle Wulfenbach.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-03-13 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 6,7(001,002)
Forum:2006-03-13 (Monday)
Wulfenbach clanks, unicycle messenger, Vespiary Squad member, Bangladesh DuPree, mounted radiohea cyborg riders, lieutenant radiohead rider and mount, Boris Dolokhov, common airman, masked & goggled crew with tank and individual bags (more weasel crew?), soldiers, goggle guy w/mech hand
Troops assembling for departure. Boris tells Dupree that Baron Klaus Wulfenbach wants to see her.
"Tell his exalted crankiness that we're almost ready to go."
"his exalted crankiness" Elegant and finely-crafted link to the combined image.
2006-03-15 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 8(003)
Forum:2006-03-15 (Wednesday)
DuPree, airman, guards, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, Vespiary Squad members, wasp eater
Klaus surprises DuPree by saying that killing may be necessary. Klaus grabs DuPree and a Vespiary Squad member lets a wasp eater sniff her.
2006-03-17 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 9(004)
Forum:2006-03-17 (Friday)
Vespiary Squad members, Wasp eater, Klaus, DuPree, Lackya, Sturmhalten emissary Count Hengst von Blitzengaard
DuPree is upset and pulls a knife, but the Baron calms her and describes the search for revenants. A Sturmhalten messenger arrives to protest the invasion, and is dragged away after a wasp eater hisses at him.
"the hundred and seventy others — we have discovered on board the castle so far."
the other The name of the emissary is from the novel.
2006-03-20 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 10(005)
Forum:2006-03-20 (Monday)
DuPree, Klaus, soldier clanks, <Lucrezia Mongfish, <younger Klaus, <Agatha Heterodyne
Klaus explains his theory that Agatha is already operating as the Other
"Wow. She sure looked dead."
the other, Bill Heterodyne
2006-03-22 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 11(006)
Forum:2006-03-22 (Wednesday)
DuPree, Klaus, >Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, >Agatha, >Moloch von Zinzer
DuPree and Klaus discuss time travel and the future.
But... If I saw her in this future— then she's still around. We're gonna lose.
2006-03-24 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 12(007)
Forum:2006-03-24 (Friday)
Klaus, DuPree, <Tarsus Beetle, <Agatha, <Mr. Rovainen
Klaus explains he cracked Dr. Beetle's notes and found information about Agatha and information that Barry had claimed that Klaus did some unnamed action that Klaus didn't do.
"Maybe all that happened was, or will be, some huge mistake— and we don't have to fight her at all."
Barry Heterodyne Extra comic panel: "Absinthe-fueled scientific romance"
2006-03-27 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 13(008)
Forum:2006-03-27 (Monday)
DuPree, airmen, deck officer, Klaus
Klaus reveals he knows about Gil working on Punch ∧ Judy
Boris, the bug squad commanders, the deep thinkers, the Jägers, Gil, Punch, Judy
2006-03-29 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 14(009)
Forum:2006-03-29 (Wednesday)
DuPree, Klaus, =Gil, airman
Discussion of Gil and Agatha.
"You underestimate him, DuPree. How unwise."
"Mister Sensitive", "the baby"

Agatha Wakes Up Edit

Location: The castle at Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-03-31 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 15(010)
Forum:2006-03-31 (Friday)
Agatha Heterodyne/Lucrezia Mongfish/The Other(!), Tarvek Sturmvoraus(!)
Agatha's body, controlled by Lucrezia, has finished improving some machine. She then feels weak and wonders if Agatha is fighting for control. Lucrezia has forgotten about the need for bodies to sleep.
"I do so mistrust it when “impossible” is one's initial reaction to an idea."
"that girl" (Agatha) The castle at Sturmhalten…
2006-04-03 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 16(011)
Forum:2006-04-03 (Monday)
Agatha/Lucrezia, Tarvek, Agatha(!)
Lucrezia asks about Tarvek's sister, realizes she is tired, asks for a stimulant, and falls asleep. Agatha regains control of the body and angrily asks what is happening.
"your sister" (Anevka Sturmvoraus, "your priestesses" (Geisterdamen, Klaus's Terrier
2006-04-05 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 17(012)
Forum:2006-04-05 (Wednesday)
Agatha(*), Tarvek, Dingbot Prime(*)
Tarvek gives a short explanation of the possession, and tells Agatha not to fall asleep. Agatha heterodynes to stay awake, and then Dingbot Prime suggest it could help Agatha stay awake.
The Other
2006-04-07 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 18(013)
Forum:2006-04-07 (Friday)
Agatha, Tarvek, Prime, Agatha/Lucrezia
Tarvek calls Agatha "my lady", then covers up the slip. Agatha changes Dingbot Prime. She says she doesn't trust Tarvek, who admits to working with the other. Agatha falls asleep and Lucrezia takes control.
"my lady"

The Rescue Party at Work Edit

Location: In the sewers and underground passages of Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-04-10 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 19(014)
Forum:2006-04-10 (Monday)
(rescue party) Zeetha, Daughter of Chump, Dimo, Maxim, Ognian, Krosp I, Lars
Lars leads the others down into the sewers because that is where the secret passages come out "in all the stories". Krosp is skeptical, but then a secret passage opens behind him with a loud 'click'.
"You boys come here often?"
"Say, wasn't there a rescue party out there?" / "MCVI"
2006-04-12 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 20(015)
Forum:2006-04-12 (Wednesday)
Krosp, Dimo, Lars, Maxim, Zeetha, Anevka & attendants (one in underwear), Geisterdamen
The rescue party hide as Anevka and her bearers emerge from the secret passage only to come face to face with a party of Geisterdamen.
"story boy" "Tikka-zok!" "Voda za! Shibbak"
2006-04-14 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 21(016)
Forum:2006-04-14 (Friday)
Krosp, Ognian, Anevka & attendants, Geisterdamen
Ognian asks who wants to be his friend. Anevka's attendants raise hands, the Geisterdamen act aggressive.
"Now ve fight!"
2006-04-17 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 22(017)
Forum:2006-04-17 (Monday)
Ognian, Geisterdamen, Dimo, Maxim, Zeetha
"Tokkah-ni!" "Hif ni!"
2006-04-19 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 23(018)
Forum:2006-04-19 (Wednesday)
Anevka, Geisterdamen, Maxim, Dimo, Lars, Zeetha, Krosp
More fighting, the Geisterdamen lose.
"Ah, Jägermonsters. You must be looking for the Heterodyne girl."
2006-04-21 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 24(019)
Forum:2006-04-21 (Friday)
Dimo, Lars, Maxim, Zeetha, Krosp, Ognian, Anevka, shadows of Geisterdamen
The group admits they are looking for Agatha. More Geisterdamen are coming. Anevka leads them.
"I can get you into the castle— but not this way!"
2006-04-24 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 25(020)
Forum:2006-04-24 (Monday)
Lars, Anevka, Ognian, Maxim, attendant, Zeetha, Krosp, Dimo
Anevka gives a false description of events, and plans to take them to Lord Selnikov's house to get a guide. Dimo is downplaying an injury (rhinohiding).
Tarvek, Baron Wulfenbach, "dot magnetic prince guy", Agatha, "Lord and Lady Selnikov"

Two New Pages Edit

Location: In the house of Lord Selnikov.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-04-25 (Tuesday)
Vol.VI p. 26(bonk)
Forum:2006-04-25 (Tuesday)
Selnikov cook, Dimo, Anevka, Ognian, Krosp, Lars, Maxim, Zeetha, Krosp
The group enters the kitchen of Lord Selnikov. Anevka asks the cook to fetch his master.
"Ooh! I thought I was the cat, here!" / "What about that guy?" "Actor" "I'll go hide the silver" / "It's been a while since I wasn't the strangest thing in the room"
"Who banked the fire?" Added when the first edition of Agatha Heterodyne and the Golden Trilobite was published.
2006-04-25 (Tuesday)
Vol.VI p. NA(squeak)
Forum:2006-04-25 (Tuesday)
Rudolf Selnikov, servant, Anevka Sturmvoraus, <Agatha Heterodyne, <Tarvek Sturmvoraus, <Geisterdamen
Anevka tells a story to Lord Selnikov.
"It simply will not do to topple the empire in our pyjamas."
"dear father" (Aaronev Wilhelm Sturmvoraus), Lady Vrin Added when the second edition of Agatha Heterodyne and the Golden Trilobite was published.

Tarvek Gets a Brief Rest Edit

Location: The palace at Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-04-26 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 27(021)
Forum:2006-04-26 (Wednesday)
Tarvek, Moxana, =Agatha/Lucrezia, sound of Agatha approaching(*)
Tarvek complains to Moxana about the constant work driven by Lucrezia. He aska Moxana a question and the whirlwind card is displayed.
"Huh, the whirlwind. 'Great power at great risk.' —or possibly, 'Beware of things underground,' —or 'expect an unexpected friend,' —or even 'learn a new piece of music.' Thank you, O Muse of Mystery."
Agatha, Lucrezia, "O Muse of Mystery" "Kee[p] Ou[t]"
2006-04-28 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 28(022)
Forum:2006-04-28 (Friday)
Dingbots(*), Agatha(!), Tarvek
Agatha walks in, surrounded by many glowing Dingbots making music to keep Agatha focused. She asks to use Tarvek's lab.
Keep Out

The Rescue Party in the Deepdown Edit

Location: Under Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-05-01 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 29(023)
Forum:2006-05-01 (Monday)
Sturvin, Kalikoff, Lars, Maxim, Veilchen
Sturvin and Kalikoff lead the party, and discourage Lars.
"So in these other sewers— what do the big monsters eat?"
Giant spiders, sewer serpents, ghouls, albino squid, giant glowing rats Meanwhile, our rescue party is back in the sewers again—this time with guides.
2006-05-03 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 30(024)
Forum:2006-05-03 (Wednesday)
Zeetha, Lars, Krosp, Maxim, Veilchen, Ognian, Kalikoff, Sturvin
Maxim and Veilchen discuss their mutual motives.
Agatha, Baron
2006-05-05 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 31(025)
Forum:2006-05-05 (Friday)
Zeetha, Sturvin, Kalikoff, Veilchen, Lars, Maxim
The planned route is occupied. Kalikoff doesn't want the risky routes, but Veilchen intimidates him.
"It iz a pleasure to watch hyu work!" "… I can honestly say I've never heard that before."
The Prince
2006-05-08 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 32(026)
Forum:2006-05-08 (Monday)
Zeetha, Sturvin, Kalikoff, <Sturmhalten townsfolk, <large crocodilian construct on sticks, large tentacled monster, Ognian, Maxim, Veilchen, Dimo, Lars, Krosp
Sturvin and Kalikoff discuss how much fun the tunnels were in the old days, then Kalikoff is captured by a giant monster that appears.
The Prince "These days, it ain't no fun at all!"
2006-05-10 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 33(027)
Forum:2006-05-10 (Wednesday)
Ognian, Dimo, Maxim, Veilchen, Lars, Sturvin, Zeetha, Krosp, large multieyed monster
The party fund from monsters and get into a room and shut the doors, only to have the floor collapse.
"Aaaaaah!" ... "Ah!" ... "Aaah!" ... "Hah!" ... "ahhhhhh..." ... "Aaaaaaaaaa"
2006-05-12 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 34(028)
Forum:2006-05-12 (Friday)
Ognian, Krosp, Dimo, Lars, previous victims, Veilchen, Sturvin, Maxim, Zeetha
In a dark room they light the "moss" on a "stone" ("clik clik fwomf!") onlyi to discover the stones are skulls.
"I think there's some moss on these rocks." "Before ve rescue Miz Agatha— ve gots to rescue us."
Miz Agatha

Short Story Break: "Personal Trainer" Edit

Location: Unknown.

Sometimes people ask us: "How do you do the same thing for years at a time and not get bored or go crazy?" The answer is simple. When you start getting the blahs, take a break and do something different. (And, it is to be hoped, FUN.) Well, here you have our mini-vacation, a four-page short story by Phil called "Personal Trainer." We hope you find it as fun as we did!

Names Used Text Extras
2006-05-15 (Monday)
Vol. p. (001) Personal Trainer
Forum:2006-05-15 (Monday)
Zeetha, Daughter of Chump, Krosp I, Agatha Heterodyne
Zeetha shows up for Agatha's morning training and finds Agatha asleep, but strapped into an exo-skeleton.
those Lizard Cult guys Coffee cup: "What part of 'Meow' didn't you understand?"
2006-05-17 (Wednesday)
Vol. p. (002) Personal Trainer
Forum:2006-05-17 (Wednesday)
Krosp, Zeetha, Agatha, The Goldfish
Zeetha tries to wake up Agatha, but is rebuffed by the exo-skeleton. Zeetha punches, only to be knocked against the wall by the response. Krosp is watching, drinking water through a straw from the bowl of the Goldfish. The Goldfish looks worried.
mm.. Gil! Stop that! (giggle)
2006-05-19 (Friday)
Vol. p. (003) Personal Trainer
Forum:2006-05-19 (Friday)
Zeetha, Agatha, Krosp
Zeetha tries speed against the exo-skeleton, and gets knocked against the wall. She draws her two swords, only to have the exo-skeleton sprout many blades. Agatha keeps sleeping.
2006-05-22 (Monday)
Vol. p. (004) Personal Trainer
Forum:2006-05-22 (Monday)
Agatha, Krosp, Zeetha
Agatha talks to Krosp about the incident. The view pulls back to find an angry Zeetha chasing them.

Tarvek Shoots his Big Fat Mouth Off Edit

Location: The palace at Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-05-24 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 35(029)
Forum:2006-05-24 (Wednesday)
Agatha, Tarvek, dingbots
Agatha finishes her mysterious device and explains her reasoning to Tarvek.
your Father (Aaronev Wilhelm Sturmvoraus), Baron, quester, priestesses, the Other We now return to the ongoing story...
2006-03-26 (Sunday)
Vol.VI p. 36(030)
Forum:2006-03-26 (Sunday)
Tarvek, Agatha, Agatha/the Other
Tarvek accidentally "shows his hand" to Lucrezia.
"Wulfenbach is a usurper— his empire won't last a day once he's gone!"
Anevka, the Other, "Lucrezia", Wulfenbach, the Storm King, Europe, Klaus, Agatha

Anevka and Selnikov Edit

Location: Home of Lord and Lady Selnikov.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-05-29 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 37(031)
Forum:2006-05-29 (Monday)
Anevka, Lord Selnikov
Anevka orders the death of anyone imprinted on Agatha's Voice.
"They... they did it? The mistress has returned?!"
von Karlof, the Mistress At the home of Lord and Lady Selnikov
2006-05-31 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 38(032)
Forum:2006-05-31 (Wednesday)
Anevka, Lord Selnikov
Anevka explains her plans to seize Lucrezia's power and eliminate her worship.
Geisterdamen, the Order, the Storm King, the Council, Lucrezia, your brother, the Jägers, Veilchen, the Baron

Agatha's Backup Edit

Location: Inside and outside the palace at Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-06-02 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 39(033)
Forum:2006-06-02 (Friday)
Agatha, dingbots(*), Tarvek
Electric fan blows Agatha's hair back as she records her message in her underwear, identifying the Other as Lucrezia and asking for Baron Wulfenbach's help. She then "realizes" what she is wearing and sends Tarvek to get 'decent' clothes.
Bill Heterodyne, Lucrezia Mongfish, the Other, Sturmhalten, Baron Wulfenbach Alternate text for Agatha's message: "Hurry, Star Blazers!"
2006-06-05 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 40(034)
Forum:2006-06-05 (Monday)
Agatha, flying dingbots, Tarvek
Agatha sets the wingbots off on their mission with warnings. Tarvek brings back a dress.
"This should be decent and look good for the message!" (well, one out of two...)
2006-06-07 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 41(035)
Forum:2006-06-07 (Wednesday)
flying dingbots, Geisterdamen sentries, Geisterdragon
The wingbots manage to evade being spotted by the sentries, but not their flying watch-creature. The Geisterdragon takes off with a screech.
"Tullak hokka hicha ak." "Mek? Voy preemu?" "Hoom..." "Stolla beshi?!" "Teg niv"
2006-06-09 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 42(036)
Forum:2006-06-09 (Friday)
flying dingbots, Geisterdragon
The Geisterdragon snatches Balloonbot out of the air and destroys it in one bite. The remaining three wingbots are alarmed and scatter.
2006-06-12 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 43(037)
Forum:2006-06-12 (Monday)
gray flying dingbot, Geisterdragon
The two-propeller dingbot (Engineblockbot) tries to hide in a chimney but doesn't stay hidden long enough.
2006-06-14 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 44(038)
Forum:2006-06-14 (Wednesday)
red flying dingbot, Geisterdragon
The airplane-style dingbot tries to escape through a sewer grate, but the Geisterdragon smashes right through.
2006-06-16 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 45(039)
Forum:2006-06-16 (Friday)
brass flying dingbot, cat, Geisterdragon
The spherical dingbot hides successfully among cannonballs, from where it sees Gil's flying machine silhouetted against the moon.
2006-06-19 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 46(040)
Forum:2006-06-19 (Monday)
Ardsley Wooster, Master Payne's Circus of Adventure
Wooster muses over which of his loyalties will take precedence; he notes the lightning moat, then identifies the Circus outside of town and decides to start there.
Her Britannic Majesty, Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, Agatha, Sturmhalten "Ardsley Wooster—Her Ber Britannic Majesty's spy, or terrified lackey of Gilgamesh Wulfenbach?"
2006-06-21 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 47(041)
Forum:2006-06-21 (Wednesday)
Wooster (in flying machine), Geisterdragon, brass copter dingbot
The Geisterdragon spots the flyer, but is distracted by a move by Copterbot - a falling round shape.
2006-06-23 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 48(042)
Forum:2006-06-23 (Friday)
geisterdragon, brass copter dingbot
The clever dingbot uses a real cannonball to cause the Geisterdragon to smash into the ground after swallowing its prey, allowing it to continue on its mission.
"Heh." Glomf! "Urk?" ! Zip! Smash!

An Airship is Spotted Edit

Location: Inside the palace at Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-06-26 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 49(043)
Forum:2006-06-26 (Monday)
Agatha, dingbots(*), Tarvek, Lady Vrin, ~Gil
Agatha and Tarvek finish recording her message when Vrin bursts in with news of the flyer. Agatha thinks Gil has come for her and has a romantic palpitation. Tarvek holds a device.
"It was a strange airship— small, and very fast. Like a giant bird."
the Baron's man, Gil
2006-06-28 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 50(044)
Forum:2006-06-28 (Wednesday)
Tarvek, dingbots(*), Agatha(!), Agatha/Lucrezia
Tarvek turns off the dingbots to allow Lucrezia to return; the dingbots collapse, Tarvek looks anguished, Agatha grabs her head. Lucrezia leaves to change into something more practical after she mocks Tarvek's fashion sense.
"Really now — playing with dolls, at your age."
Action figures

The Rescue Party Rescued Edit

Location: Under Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-06-30 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 51(045)
Forum:2006-06-30 (Friday)
Veilchen, Lars, Dimo, Krosp I, Zeetha, Maxim, Sturvin
Sturvin reads the builders' plaque; Veilchen uses a grapnel gun to escape, leaving the others stuck at the bottom of the oubliette.
"I keep meaning to get one of those things"
[implied] By royal appointment, another fine oubliette — from the Ancient and Honorable Guild of Murderous Device Fabricators. To view our full line of fine goods, visit our Mechanicsburg showroom — in your next life.
2006-07-03 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 52(046)
Forum:2006-07-03 (Monday)
Zeetha, Maxim, Krosp, Veilchen, large monsters, Ognian, Lars, voice of Kalikoff
The rescue party wonder if Veilchen got past the monsters while trying on some wilder escape plans for size. Maxim admires Veilchen's professionalism. Party looks up, monsters look down; a surprise voice from the side.
"I want another plan!" "'I got one."
2006-07-05 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 53(047)
Forum:2006-07-05 (Wednesday)
Kalikoff, Sturvin, Zeetha, Dimo, Lars, knife, Krosp, Ognian, Geisterdamen
Kalikoff tosses down a rope. The rescue party are out of the oubliette, walking through unmapped passageways, lost… but overlooking a very large, eerily-lit tunnel filled with Geisterdamen in formation. Everyone stops Ognian from talking.
"You said no secret doors!"

Glowy Monsters Edit

Location: Under Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-07-07 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 54(048)
Forum:2006-07-07 (Friday)
Lars, Zeetha, Kalikoff, Sturvin, Maxim, Dimo, Oggie, Geisterdamen, Krosp
Watching the Geisterdamen evacuate, taking the Summoning Engine.
"The Prince" (meaning Aaronev VI)
2006-07-10 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 55(049)
Forum:2006-07-10 (Monday)
Geisterman, Oggie, Lars, Maxim, Dimo
The rescue party identify at least five hive engines and the Jägers agree that the Baron must be told ASAP.
The Baron
2006-07-12 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 56(050)
Forum:2006-07-12 (Wednesday)
Oggie, Sturvin, Zeetha, Lars, Maxim, Kalikoff, <The Red Heterodyne, <minions
The rescue party explore the abandoned Geisterbase and da Boyz reminisce about tunnel expeditions with the Red Heterodyne.
"...But de Master, he develop a taste for bat sandvitches." "Dot nut!"
The Red Heterodyne
2006-07-14 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 57(051)
Forum:2006-07-14 (Friday)
Kalikoff, Dimo, Krosp, Oggie, Maxim, Lars, Zeetha, Sturvin
Trying to find a way out, a lab door is opened that should have been left alone and see Green glowy things.
2006-07-17 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 58(052)
Forum:2006-07-17 (Monday)
Maxim, Oggie, Zeetha, Sturvin, Lars, Krosp, Dimo, Kalikoff
The party are pursued by green glowy things to an elevator, but Dimo gets stung.
"Aww. Dey is cute."

Elevators Edit

Location: Under Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-07-19 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 59(053)
Forum:2006-07-19 (Wednesday)
Sturvin, Oggie, Dimo, Lars
Oggie performs emergency surgery.
2006-07-21 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 60(054)
Forum:2006-07-21 (Friday)
Oggie, Dimo, Lars, Krosp, Kalikoff, Maxim, Sturvin, Zeetha
As the elevator reaches a landing stage, Dimo's stub is bound and Oggie runs at the mouth.
The Heterodyne First use of one Jäger calling another "brudder".
2006-07-24 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 61(055)
Forum:2006-07-24 (Monday)
Oggie, Sturvin, Kalikoff, Krosp, Lars, Maxim, Dimo, Zeetha
The next ascent goes more smoothly; Zeetha adds things up.
"Hey! Dese is prime good sneekin-op moves!"
2006-07-26 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 62(056)
Forum:2006-07-26 (Wednesday)
Philbert, Dimo, Maxim, Zeetha, Sturvin, Kalikoff, Krosp, Oggie
Philbert's singing a modified version of "Ob-la-di, ob-la-da" by the Beatles leads the party to a way out; Oggie finds a surprise relative.
"<Nov shmoz ka pop?>" "Oho, a local boy!"
The Prince The phrase "<Nov shmoz ka pop?>" is a shoutout to The Squirrel Cage by Gene Ahern.

Other Slavers 01 Edit

Location: Home of Lord and Lady Selnikov .

Names Used Text Extras
2006-07-28 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 63(057)
Forum:2006-07-28 (Friday)
Sturmhalten commoners, Anevka, Lord Selnikov
Anevka uses her command voice to impress the rest of the populace; Tarvek's safety is discussed and we learn of Council-modified slaver wasps.
"As a member of the Order, you surely know that your Lady's filthy wasps- don't work on Sparks."
The Baron's man, "your brother"/Tarvek, Lucrezia, Klaus,
2006-07-31 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 64(058)
Forum:2006-07-31 (Monday)
Lord Selnikov, Anevka, <Snarlantz, <Aaronev Wilhelm Sturmvoraus
Selnikov reveals the existence of a single Spark wasp. Anevka falls prey to irony and a bit of scheme macrame.
"Your father", the Jotun brothers, "my brother"

Other Slavers 02 Edit

Location: The palace at Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-08-02 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 65(059)
Forum:2006-08-02 (Wednesday)
Tarvek, Vrin, two or three unnamed Geisterdamen
Tarvek shows Vrin the Spark wasp that Anevka was sure he wouldn't; the Geisterdamen plan to torch the Chapel of the Goddess.
"Klazma Vrin. <All of the Lady's devices have been removed.>"
The Baron, the Lady, the Baron's Quester
2006-08-04 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 66(060)
Forum:2006-08-04 (Friday)
Tarvek, Vrin
The Chapel of the Goddess changes into a library as Tarvek presses a concealed switch. Tarvek gets one-up on Vrin as a result.
"You people have all the finesse of a Jägermonster sandwich."
2006-08-07 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 67(061)
Forum:2006-08-07 (Monday)
Tarvek, Lucrezia (in Agatha), unseen being in chair
Lucrezia introduces Tarvek to a mysterious voice and plans with her to assault Tarvek's virtue (if she can find it).
Wilhelm, "the girl", Klaus

The Moat Comes Down Edit

Location: Around and in the palace at Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-08-09 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 68(062)
Forum:2006-08-09 (Wednesday)
Tarvek, Veilchen
Tarvek is apparently heterodyning as Veilchen sneaks up to report; Tarvek gives him the key to the moat controls.
Anevka, the Baron's Quester
2006-08-11 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 69(063)
Forum:2006-08-11 (Friday)
Lord Selnikov, Anevka, Sturmhalten commoners
Selnikov advises Anevka about the strange aircraft; the lightning moat shuts down to the approving roar of the castle-storming crowd.
the Baron's man, Lucrezia
2006-08-14 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 70(064)
Forum:2006-08-14 (Monday)
Lord Selnikov, Anevka, Sturmhalten commoners
The commoners ram the castle gates.
2006-08-16 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 71(065)
Forum:2006-08-16 (Wednesday)
Lord Selnikov, Anevka, Sturmhalten commoners
The gates open at the first blow to reveal nobody waiting for them. Anevka has a sinking feeling about her brother.
"my brother"

Tarvek is Left Hanging Edit

Location: The palace at Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-08-18 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 72(066)
Forum:2006-08-18 (Friday)
Anevka, servants and advisors, Tarvek
Tarvek is found; Anevka is taken to where her brother hangs suspended in a nasty, pointy piece of machinery.
The sconces are decorated with half-scale heroic female figures; there is a large painting of a Sturmhalten coronation in heroic-allegory style on one wall.
2006-08-21 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 73(067)
Forum:2006-08-21 (Monday)
Tarvek, Anevka, servants
Tarvek blames Vrin for his situation; Anevka in turn decides to blame Tarvek.
Vrin, Veilchen, the Baron's man
2006-08-23 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 74(068)
Forum:2006-08-23 (Wednesday)
Tarvek, Anevka, Geisterdamen, Lucrezia (in Agatha)
Tarvek springs the trap; Anevka is surrounded by Lucrezia and her priestesses.
2006-08-25 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 75(069)
Forum:2006-08-25 (Friday)
Anevka, Lucrezia, Lady Vrin, Geisterdamen, lectica-bearers
Anevka narrows the odds by commanding the Geisterdamen to sleep.
2006-08-28 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 76(070)
Forum:2006-08-28 (Monday)
Lucrezia, Tarvek, Anevka, Vrin
Lucrezia is indignant that her voice (Agatha's, really) had been copied; Vrin leaps into action and is zapped unconscious, as she had been by Tinka.
"After all, I'm a very well-built monster. See?"
2006-08-30 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 77(071)
Forum:2006-08-30 (Wednesday)
Lucrezia, Vrin, Anevka, Tarvek
Anevka boasts about her plans and expects the results thereof to be made into popular entertainment shortly after they play through.
the Baron's Quester, Father
2006-09-01 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 78(072)
Forum:2006-09-01 (Friday)
Lucrezia, Anevka, hapless bearer
Lucrezia strikes where Anevka is weakest - her support lectica.
2006-09-04 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 79(073)
Forum:2006-09-04 (Monday)
Anevka, Lucrezia (in Agatha)
Lucrezia strikes while Anevka is distracted, but Anevka manages much better than expected: Lucrezia is zapped and falls to the floor.
"Hold me up! HOLD ME!"

Anevka Learns What She Is Edit

Location: The palace at Sturmhalten and flashback.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-09-06 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 80(074)
Forum:2006-09-06 (Wednesday)
Lucrezia (in Agatha), Anevka, hapless bearers, Tarvek
Tarvek freezes Anevka in place with a voice command, to her great confusion, as his pointy-gadget releases him.
"Well, I can't say any of this mess was part of my original plan..."
2006-09-08 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 81(075)
Forum:2006-09-08 (Friday)
Tarvek, hapless bearers, Anevka
The hapless bearers are put to sleep as Anevka's cut control cables are shown to be completely ineffectual.
2006-09-11 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 82(076)
Forum:2006-09-11 (Monday)
Anevka, Tarvek, <Aaronev, <Anevka (organic)
Tarvek explains that the clank Anevka controls herself and is not controlled by the remains of the real Anevka after all, and how this came to be.
2006-09-13 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 83(077)
Forum:2006-09-13 (Wednesday)
Anevka, Tarvek
Tarvek shuts down the clank Anevka in the midst of her philosophical crisis.
"That was... harder than I'd thought."

Lucrezia x 2 Edit

Location: The palace at Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-09-15 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 84(078)
Forum:2006-09-15 (Friday)
Tarvek, Anevka (sort of), Lucrezia (clank)
Tarvek detaches Anevka's responsimeter and stashes it safely before repairing her lectica cables and retrieving a new head loaded with Lucrezia.
2006-09-18 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 85(079)
Forum:2006-09-18 (Monday)
Lunevka, Tarvek
Tarvek attaches the Lucrezia responsimeter to the clank body, at which point she promptly gooses him.
"my sister"
2006-09-20 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 86(080)
Forum:2006-09-20 (Wednesday)
Tarvek, Lunevka, Lucrezia, Vrin
"Lunevka" dons her wig and hat, and wakes up Lucrezia and the Geisterdamen. They explain their plans to Vrin, and whisper some nastier plans to each other.
"EEEEEEE! We're going to win!"

The Baron Arrives Edit

Location: In, over, and on the palace at Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-09-22 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 87(081)
Forum:2006-09-22 (Friday)
Lunevka, Lucrezia, Geisterdamen, Tarvek, Vrin
Everybody returns to the main part of the palace, where Tarvek attempts to get dressed, Lucrezia has an odd moment, and Vrin announces sarcastically that the Baron has arrived. It's not what they expected at all.
"You have no idea."
The Baron, Quester
2006-09-25 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 88(082)
Forum:2006-09-25 (Monday)
Lucrezia, Vrin, Tarvek
The Wulfenbach battle group have HALO'd into Sturmhalten - standard procedure for quarantining a slaver-infected town.
2006-09-27 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 89(083)
Forum:2006-09-27 (Wednesday)
Maxim, Lars, Krosp, Sturvin, Zeetha, Dimo, Oggie, Philbert
Lars and Krosp are happy to be outside; Maxim, Zeetha, Kalikoff and Dimo are wary; and Oggie harrasses Philbert about family matters.
"Aah! Glorious fresh air!" "Better than fresh air!" "Better?" "Someone is frying bacon!" (in chorus) "MMM!" / "I'll get married— when you find a Heterodyne."
The Princess, Veilchen, Miz Agatha, The Prince (Tarvek), The Baron
2006-09-29 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 90(084)
Forum:2006-09-29 (Friday)
Dingbot Prime, random hungry cat, Tarvek, Lucrezia in Agatha
Dingbot Prime fails to catch Wulfenbach attention by waving, so it tries the next best thing - looking for Mistress's device and overhears Tarvek say the device is useless because it is still in the lab.
"my daughter" (Agatha)

Wooster Arrives Edit

Location: With the circus.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-10-02 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 91(085)
Forum:2006-10-02 (Monday)
Master Payne, Sturmhalten soldier, Abner, Wooster
Master Payne and the head of the Sturmhalten detachment engage in some friendly mutual card-cheating when Wooster shows up.
2006-10-04 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 92(086)
Forum:2006-10-04 (Wednesday)
Master Payne, Sturmhalten soldier, Wooster, Abner, Countess Marie
Wooster spills nearly every possible bean to convince the Circus he knows who he's looking for, just as Countess Marie announces urgently that the Baron is attacking the city.
The Baron, Agatha Clay, Agatha Heterodyne, Bill and Lucrezia, Punch and Judy, "the Prince"

Agatha's Signal Activates Edit

Location: In and over the palace at Sturmhalten.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-10-06 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 93(087)
Forum:2006-10-06 (Friday)
Dingbot Prime
Dingbot Prime manages to find its way to Tarvek's lab, finds the fallen bodies of its kind, and finally presses the activation button on Agatha's device. And runs.
No dialog this page
2006-10-09 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 94(088)
Forum:2006-10-09 (Monday)
Wulfenbach air-crew, Bangladesh DuPree, Tarvek, Lady Vrin, Lucrezia in Agatha
Agatha's machine blows the top off Tarvek's lab, releases smoke shells, and snaps on multi-coloured spotlights.
"...MY LAB!"
"that little fool" (Agatha)

The Really Nice View of Agatha's Signal Edit

Location: Aerial view, and with the circus.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-10-11 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 95 and 96(089 and 090)
Forum:2006-10-11 (Wednesday)
Holographic Agatha, townsfolk, clanks
A castle-sized Agatha appears in the smoke delivering not quite the same message as what we saw her record.
Bill Heterodyne, Lucrezia Mongfish, Baron Wulfenbach, The Other, Prince Tarvek Elegant and finely-crafted link to the combined image. // Alternate image with alternate text: "Does this dress make me look fat?"
2006-10-13 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 97(091)
Forum:2006-10-13 (Friday)
Abner, Master Payne, Wooster, Countess Marie
The Circus mobilizes as Wooster attempts to stave off Countess Marie's mighty cast iron pan.
"And now I'd like you to convince me you're not out to hurt Agatha."
2006-10-16 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 98(092)
Forum:2006-10-16 (Monday)
Lars, Dimo, Maxim, Oggie, Zeetha, Krosp, Sturvin, Kalikoff, Philbert
Lars has to deal with the truth of Agatha's identity while the Greek chorus backs him up. Philbert realizes that since a Heterodyne has been found he has agreed to get married , so he leaves.
"I haff never luffed."

Agatha vs. Vrin Edit

Location: On the palace.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-10-18 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 99(093)
Forum:2006-10-18 (Wednesday)
Tarvek, Vrin, Agatha
Agatha is returned to herself by the singbot music in her recording. She runs into a dead end, pursued by an apologetic Tarvek and a murderous Vrin.
The Lady, Anevka
2006-10-20 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 100(094)
Forum:2006-10-20 (Friday)
Tarvek, Vrin
Vrin enjoys slicing and dicing Tarvek for attempting to betray her Goddess.
Agatha, my Lady
2006-10-23 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 101(095)
Forum:2006-10-23 (Monday)
Vrin, Agatha
Between the two of them, Agatha will take Tarvek. She hits Vrin with a broom. She hits her with a broom a lot.
The Lady

The Baron's Soldiers Edit

Location: On and above the palace.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-10-25 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 102(096)
Forum:2006-10-25 (Wednesday)
Tarvek, Agatha, Sergeant Scorp, Vespiary Squad wasphunters, Vespiary Squad clank, Vespiary Squad regular troops
The Vespiary Squad shows up to take Agatha and Tarvek in hand. Well, Tarvek in bandages in hand.
2006-10-27 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 103(097)
Forum:2006-10-27 (Friday)
Vespiary Squad wasphunter, Sergeant Scorp, Agatha, Tarvek, Vespiary Squad medic, Vrin, wasp water, Vespiary Squad wasphunter
Sgt. Scorp finally gets Agatha's attention onto the edited message, and we find out Tarvek has a touch of berserker in him.
Baron Wulfenbach, The Other
2006-10-30 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 104(098)
Forum:2006-10-30 (Monday)
Vespiary Squad wasphunter, Sergeant Scorp, Vespiary Squad regulars, Tarvek, Vespiary Squad clank, Agatha, Vespiary Squad medic
Now with a damaged leg to go with his other injuries, Tarvek explains how drugged-up Agatha is at the moment; Agatha finds the Spark-wasp engine in her jacket.
Lucrezia, the Baron
2006-11-01 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 105(099)
Forum:2006-11-01 (Wednesday)
Playful wasp eater, Vespiary Squad wasphunter, Baron Wulfenbach, Bangladesh DuPree
Bang explains why Klaus can't be the Other. It doesn't help.
2006-11-03 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 106(100)
Forum:2006-11-03 (Friday)
Agatha, Wasp eaters, Sturmhalten commoners, Vespiary Squad (various), Sergeant Scorp, Tarvek
Agatha nearly releases the Spark-wasp as a angry mob of Sturmhalten commoners finds the squad.
2006-11-06 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 107(101)
Forum:2006-11-06 (Monday)
Tarvek, Agatha, Sergeant Scorp, Vespiary Squad (various), Sturmhalten commoners
The soldiers prepare to fire on the mob as Agatha frantically tries to stop the attack.
2006-11-08 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 108(102)
Forum:2006-11-08 (Wednesday)
Holographic Agatha, one of Bang's pirates, Bangladesh DuPree
Bang destroys Agatha's projector with extraordinarily bad timing.

Lucrezia vs. Everybody Edit

Location: On the palace.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-11-10 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 109(103)
Forum:2006-11-10 (Friday)
Vespiary regulars, Sergeant Scorp, Tarvek, Lucrezia
Lucrezia returns, shoots Tarvek in the back and commands the commoners to kill the soldiers.
2006-11-13 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 110(104)
Forum:2006-11-13 (Monday)
Lucrezia, Vespiary various, Tarvek, Sergeant Scorp, Vrin
Lucrezia runs off, followed by the soldiers; she finds a trussed-up Vrin and commands her to die.
Prisoner: Do Not Harm

Rescued! Edit

Location: On and near the palace.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-11-15 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 111(105)
Forum:2006-11-15 (Wednesday)
Lucrezia, Vespiary regulars, Oggie, Zeetha, Lars, Krosp
Lucrezia hakes a half-hearted surrender attempt, but is rescued by Agatha's friends.
2006-11-17 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 112(106)
Forum:2006-11-17 (Friday)
Lucrezia, Krosp, Zeetha, Oggie, Maxim, Dimo, Kalikoff, Sturvin, Lars
Lucrezia feigns drug-induced amnesia, has everybody introduce themselves, and makes filthy advances on Lars.
2006-11-20 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 113(107)
Forum:2006-11-20 (Monday)
Lucrezia, Lars, Krosp, Wooster, Da Boyz, Zeetha
Lucrezia panics at the idea of Mechanicsburg, but Wooster shows up with his offer to take her in the opposite direction, to England.
Her Majesty (of Britain)
2006-11-22 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 114(108)
Forum:2006-11-22 (Wednesday)
Krosp, Lucrezia, Wooster, Maxim, Zeetha, Lars, Dimo, Oggie
Albia, Queen of Britain is discussed, as they travel through the sewers. On exit, not far from the Circus, Dimo says goodbye to the other two Boyz.
Albia, the Baron, "Geistervimmin"
2006-11-24 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 115(109)
Forum:2006-11-24 (Friday)
Luzcrezia, Da Boyz, voice
Lucrezia frantically comes up with weak excuses for Dimo not to report his sightings to Baron Wulfenbach. Jägernoses noted that the Wulfenbach troops aren't using lethal ammunition, leaving Tarvek's fate open.
De Baron, Geisterladies, Tarvek

Caught! Edit

Location: Near the palace.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-11-27 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 116(110)
Forum:2006-11-27 (Monday)
Wulfenbach soldiers, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, Vespiary squad wasphunter, Krosp I, Lars, Dimo, Agatha Heterodyne/Lucrezia Mongfish, Maxim, Ognian, Kalikoff, Sturvin
Everyone looks up to see they are surrounded by Wulfenbach soldiers. The Baron wants to know why Lucrezia doesn't want him informed.
2006-11-29 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 117(111)
Forum:2006-11-29 (Wednesday)
Baron, Agatha/Lucrezia, Lars, Dimo, Zeetha
The Baron's spotters had seen Gil's flyer. The Baron explains why he would trust Agatha to join him. Zeetha joins the conversation, and a surprised Baron starts speaking in Skiff.
my son(Gilgamesh Wulfenbach), Mr. Wooster, Bill Heterodyne, Punch, Judy, your mother(Lucrezia Mongfish)
2006-12-01 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 118(112)
Forum:2006-12-01 (Friday)
Zeetha, Wulfenbach soldiers, Baron, Lars, Dimo, Agatha/Lucrezia, Maxim, Ognian, Sturvin
Zeetha and the Baron talk in Skiff. Lucrezia takes advantage of the distraction to release the special slaver wasp and the Baron starts choking. Lucrezia shouts for someone to help him, and the guards let her through because the Baron trusted her.
2006-12-04 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 119(113)
Forum:2006-12-04 (Monday)
Agatha/Lucrezia, Baron
Lucrezia tell everyone the blockage moved and the Baron will be all right. She finds Agatha's Locket in his waistcoat and is pleased, not understanding the background. Klaus asks who she is.
"Stay back! He's...he's fructivorous!"
2006-12-06 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 120(114)
Forum:2006-12-06 (Wednesday)
Agatha/Lucrezia, Baron
Lucrezia says she is Agatha Heterodyne, but the Baron recognizes the mannerisms of Lucrezia. She uses the Command voice to silence him. She explains the wasp and that she will privately control him and their public alliance.
"But I'll play the good little girl in public. I'll even wear my little sigil so everyone will know who I am! I'm so glad you brought it!"
2006-12-08 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 121(115)
Forum:2006-12-08 (Friday)
Agatha/Lucrezia, Baron
Agatha/Lucrezia puts on Agatha's Locket locket and screams. The Baron stands behind her with a sword to kill her as Agatha gains control and speaks.
"Oh! I'm back."

Opera Week Begins Edit

Location: Near the palace.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-12-11 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 122(116)
Forum:2006-12-11 (Monday)
Agatha, Lars, Wulfenbach regular, Baron Wulfenbach
Lars leaps in to intercept the Baron's swordstroke. He succeeds the worst possible way. The Baron enters the madness place and orders all their deaths.
2006-12-13 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 123(117)
Forum:2006-12-13 (Wednesday)
Da Boyz, Agatha, Lars, Wulfenbach regulars, Wooster
Da Boyz and Wooster immediately leap into the fray as Agatha huddles over Lars.
2006-12-15 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 124(118)
Forum:2006-12-15 (Friday)
Lars†, Agatha, Klaus, Zeetha
Klaus raises his sword for another blow but is intercepted by Zeetha. Agatha can't do anything for Lars, but he dies seemingly satisfied.
2006-12-16 (Saturday)
Vol.VI p. 125(squeak)
Forum:2006-12-16 (Saturday)
Lars†, Agatha, Klaus, Zeetha, Dimo, Maxim, Oggie, Wulfenbach regulars
Time seems to pause around Agatha as she takes in the fact that Lars is dead.
This page has no dialog or captions. It was added in the second print edition of volume VI.
2006-12-18 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 125(119)
Forum:2006-12-18 (Monday)
Klaus, Zeetha, Maxim, soldier, Ognian, Lars, Agatha, Wooster, Klaus
Zeetha keeps Klaus well-occupied while Maxim takes a rifle hit in the side and Wooster snipes from a wagon roof.

Agatha Flips Out (Big Fight) Edit

Location: Near the palace.

Names Used Text Extras
2006-12-20 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 126(120)
Forum:2006-12-20 (Wednesday)
Wooster, DuPree, Agatha, soldiers, clanks, Da Boyz, Zeetha
Bang captures Wooster, the Baron pins Zeetha, and Agatha flips out.
Coincidentally paralleled by the call to action used by Roger Smith when piloting the megadeus (giant robot) Big O in the somewhat allegorical anime of the same name. (With similar results, too.)
2006-12-22 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 127(121)
Forum:2006-12-22 (Friday)
Bangladesh DuPree, Wooster
The wagon Wooster and DuPree are sitting on tips up and dumps them.
2006-12-25 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 128 and 129(122 and 123)
Forum:2006-12-25 (Monday)
Wulfenbach soldiers (various), Da Boyz, Zeetha, Klaus ...and Lar's body is there somewhere
The circus wagons have transformed into the Battle Circus.
Elegant and finely-crafted link to the combined image.
2006-12-27 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 130(124)
Forum:2006-12-27 (Wednesday)
Wulfenbach soldiers, Baron Wulfenbach, bangbots
The clanked-up wagons attack; the clank soldiers fire on them, destroying the wagons, but releasing dozens and dozens of bangbots.
2006-12-29 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 131(125)
Forum:2006-12-29 (Friday)
Bangbots, Wulfenbach soldiers, Baron Wulfenbach, Agatha
The bangbots coin their name; the Baron notices the music must be directing the attack. Agatha is seen playing the Silverodeon in full mad Phantom of the Opera style.
"the Heterodyne girl"
2007-01-01 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 132(126)
Forum:2007-01-01 (Monday)
Bangladesh DuPree, Wooster, Dupree's Squad
Bang thinks she's one up on Wooster, but he disabuses her nose of the notion. She instructs her squad to start shooting everybody, but gets interrupted.
2007-01-03 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 133(127)
Forum:2007-01-03 (Wednesday)
Bangladesh DuPree, Wulfenbach soldiers, Baron Wulfenbach
Bang's squad is blown to cinders, and the Wulfenbach soldiers are getting overwhelmed by the ferocity of the Battle Circus.
Barrel of DOOM!
2007-01-05 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 134(128)
Forum:2007-01-05 (Friday)
Wulfenbach soldiers, Hoomhoffer, Da Boyz
The Hoomhoffers arrive - close air support!
Oggie: "Bog for dinner!"
2007-01-08 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 135(129)
Forum:2007-01-08 (Monday)
Hoomhoffer, Wulfenbach regulars, Baron Wulfenbach, Agatha
As the Hoomhoffers start to make inroads on the Circus, the music changes.
2007-01-10 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 136(130)
Forum:2007-01-10 (Wednesday)
Hoomhoffer, Wulfenbach regulars
The Baba Yaga takes to the air on its own wings and uses a Hoom as a kinetic missile.
2007-01-12 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 137(131)
Forum:2007-01-12 (Friday)
Wulfenbach regulars, Baron Wulfenbach
The Hooms and clanks have been taken out; Klaus calls for a containment retreat and carpet-bombing.
On The Luggage: "The Amazing Pratchett"

The Circus Escapes Edit

Location: Near the palace.

Names Used Text Extras
2007-01-15 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 138(132)
Forum:2007-01-15 (Monday)
Wulfenbach regulars, Master Payne, Abner, Countess Marie
Two of the soldiers still watching the Circus's players are taken care of.
"A good magician never reveals how a trick is done. An evil magician never leaves any evidence there was a trick in the first place. So— which am I going to be today?" "Good! Good!" "Man—that is such a great act." "Act?"
the Baron

Calming Pie Perfected! Edit

Location: Near the palace.

Names Used Text Extras
2007-01-17 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 139(133)
Forum:2007-01-17 (Wednesday)
Agatha, Zeetha
Agatha's playing furiously, angry at her inability to save Lars, as Zeetha tries to get her to come away before they're bombed. Agatha gets hit with a Calming Pie.
2007-01-19 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 140(134)
Forum:2007-01-19 (Friday)
Agatha, Chef, Krosp, Oggie, Baron Wulfenbach
The Calming Pie works like a charm; even rinsed off with a bucket of water, it still works. Even faced with a furious Klaus Wulfenbach with a clank gun, it still works.
"Yes!" Extra butter! Less nutmeg! I'M A GENIUS! Ha! Take that, Brillat-Savarin!"
2007-01-22 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 141(135)
Forum:2007-01-22 (Monday)
Baron Wulfenbach, Agatha, Chef
Agatha and Chef discuss calming the Baron and realize there's no Calming Pie big enough. Then a chicken-house drops on the Baron.
2007-01-24 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 142(136)
Forum:2007-01-24 (Wednesday)
Krosp, Oggie, Dimo, Zeetha, Maxim, Agatha, Wooster
The Baron's a mess and everybody's conflicted. Agatha remember Gil's flyer and wants to search for him, then Wooster shows up.
2007-01-26 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 143(137)
Forum:2007-01-26 (Friday)
Wooster, Da Boyz, Krosp, Zeetha
Agatha's party is distracted by a strange gas surrounding them, the airships turning back and the troops approaching again. Happy troops.
Gil, The Baron

The Weirdness Escalates Edit

Location: Near the palace, and onto an airship.

Names Used Text Extras
2007-01-29 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 144(138)
Forum:2007-01-29 (Monday)
Wulfenbach regulars, Fake Bill, Fake Barry, Fake Lucrezia, Fake High Priestess, Fake Judy, Fake Punch
The Wulfenbach troops are happily following the Heterodyne Boys, their consorts and their constructs. With fireworks and everything, too.
2007-01-31 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 145(139)
Forum:2007-01-31 (Wednesday)
Da Boyz, Agatha, Krosp, Chef, Fake Lucrezia, Fake Bill, Fake Barry, Fake Judy, Fake Punch, Fake High Priestess
Agatha is tipped off by Dimo, Krosp and the Chef as she's scooped up by her "parents", to return to the "Great Battle" courtesy of their good friend Klaus.

2007-02-02 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 146(140)
Forum:2007-02-02 (Friday)
Pix as Lucrezia, Agatha, Fake Barry, Krosp
The "Heterodynes" and friends climb up to the Wulfenbach airship. Some are better at this than others.
"...I've got cat claws in my butt!"

Leaving NOW! Edit

Location: On an airship.

Names Used Text Extras
2007-02-05 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 147(141)
Forum:2007-02-05 (Monday)
Agatha, Krosp, Rivet, Fake Punch/Yeti, Fake Judy/Countess Marie, Kalikoff
Marie explains her "Wishful Thinking" hallucinatory gas as she gives Agatha the antidote.
2007-02-07 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 148(142)
Forum:2007-02-07 (Wednesday)
Countess Marie, Kalikoff, Agatha, Balthazar's dad, Zeetha, André, Abner, Oggie, Master Payne
The players are identified as the gas is dispersed; the bad news about Lars is broken by Zeetha.
Lars, the Baron
2007-02-09 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 149(143)
Forum:2007-02-09 (Friday)
Maxim, Abner, Lars (body)
Maxim makes sure Lars's body is recovered and ensures he can be buried like he fought - like a Jäger.

Agatha Flips Out (Reprise) Edit

Location: On an airship in the vicinity of Sturmhalten

Names Used Text Extras
2007-02-12 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 150(144)
Forum:2007-02-12 (Monday)
Master Payne, Wooster, Agatha
Master Payne explains the escalation in Sturmhalten - the sewer monsters are loose on the surface.
the Baron
2007-02-14 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 151(145)
Forum:2007-02-14 (Wednesday)
Master Payne, Agatha, Da Boyz, Krosp
Agatha decides she can talk to monsters and since she squished the Baron, Sturmhalten is her problem to solve.
"But I squished him with a chicken house!"
2007-02-16 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 152(146)
Forum:2007-02-16 (Friday)
Krosp, Agatha, Dimo, Maxim
The stimulants finally wear off and Agatha collapses. Dimo tries to catch her but forgets he is missing an arm.

Zeetha Has a Clue Edit

Location: On an airship.

Names Used Text Extras
2007-02-19 (Monday)
Vol.VI p. 153(147)
Forum:2007-02-19 (Monday)
voice (circus member), voice (Jäger), Agatha
Agatha wakes up while voices from her past seems to ring out all around her. The voices continue as she walks to a mirror, sees the locket, and tugs at it.
"Yez, but hyu neffer know. She might turn out to be vun ov de fun vuns after all!" / "She's capable of doing all kinds of dangerous things— without even realizing it."
2007-02-21 (Wednesday)
Vol.VI p. 154(148)
Forum:2007-02-21 (Wednesday)
Zeetha, Agatha
Zeetha stops Agatha, explains that she changed back to her zumil when the brooch was put back on and should leave it on.
the Other
2007-02-23 (Friday)
Vol.VI p. 155(149)
Forum:2007-02-23 (Friday)
Agatha, <Silas Merlot, <Agatha, Zeetha
Agatha discusses how she feels about the locket and what it did to her.
"I'll think of it as a symbol of everything I've overcome— and everything I will overcome."

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