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Colette Voltaire is one of the numerous offspring of the Master of Paris and serves in his intelligence division. While her father has used cybernetics to radically extend his lifespan (200 years at a minimum), Colette has given every indication of being her apparent age of thirty or so.

She first appears in the "canon" on page 079 of Act 02 Volume 02, wherein she gives her father a brief report on Agatha's arrival in Paris. Following Agatha's audience with the Master, Colette is assigned to be Agatha's designated guide and research assistant minder while the latter woman is in Paris.

Colette's first name is used in-strip for the first time by one of her siblings as she arrives, with Agatha and company in tow, at her family château; but it had been long known from her appearance in The Works (see below.)

She unsurprisingly had adventurous dealings with Gil and Wooster when the latter two were students in Paris.

She has an unwanted horde of romantic admirers, including for a time Jiminez Hoffmann.

Heir to a City Edit

It has been revealed that the Master is training Colette to be able to take over his position as leader of Paris (and human interface with the city). For this purpose, she has had a data-port placed into her neck that allows her to connect to the city mainframe, granting her control over some of the systems. She is not yet very good at controlling the systems, or at least states that the Master has much greater capabilities than she does. (Although at the time she says this, the city's systems have been infiltrated and disrupted by Drusus Beausoleil.)

On the positive(?) side, she has managed to learn things about the city that her father did not teach her, and while she is not a Spark when she is first introduced, in the aforementioned process of interfacing with the city's systems, and then assisting Simon in his fight against the resurrected Andronicus Valois, she begins to break through.

The Master’s motivations for training her as his heir have not be specifically stated, but he has hinted that he is perhaps nearing the end of his extended lifespan and/or ability to maintain control of the city. Whether he will consider his daughter's on-going break-through as a asset or disadvantage also remains to be seen.

The WorksEdit


Colette Voltaire as she appears in the card deck The Works.

Long before her arrival in the comic, Colette was included in The Works card game, looking almost identical to her first official appearance. Her epithets in the game are Hero and Spy.

Possibly Relevant Outside InformationEdit

Colette was the surname of the French novelist Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette.

Voltaire was the pen name of the famous French author François-Marie Arouet.

Although one might suspect a shoutout to the webcomic Athena Voltaire which was nominated for an Eisner Award, as The Works was published in 2001, and Athena Voltaire made its debut in 2002, this appears unlikely.

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