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Constructs are the living creations of Mad Science. They fall into several general categories, usefully created, analyzed, and described by Karrion of the GG Yahoo Group:

Olga, sort of
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Type I: Revives - dead, brought back to life. I guess we can't punish Victor for bringing Sparky back from the dead.:Examples: Tarvek Sturmvoraus; Agatha Heterodyne; The shell of Madame Olga may qualify; Zulenna Luzhakna may or may not have been successfully revived. Rudolf Selnikov's head has been revived, which seems to place him in this category, but perhaps his life support "jar" makes him a 'Borg - Type XI. If he ever gets that new body he wants , presumably he will become a Patch job - Type II.
Baron Klaus
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Type II: Patch jobs - dead, repaired with spare parts, brought back to life. They'll fix you. They fix everything.:Examples: Baron Klaus Wulfenbach

Type III: Frankensteins - built from parts of dead, brought to life. LIFE! DO YOU HEAR ME? GIVE MY CREATION... LIFE!:Examples: Punch and Judy - not confirmed in the comic, but in the novel.
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Type IV: Freaks - never dead, parts surgically added. Smithers, fetch some surgical tools... and some ether...: Examples: Boris Dolokhov

Type V: Hydes - altered by some process: Here, drink this.: Examples: the Jägerkin
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Type VI: Anthros - animal forms with human level (not that THAT means much) brain power. ...that is the Law. Are we not Men?: Examples: Krosp I

Type VII: Scratchbuilds - new, never-before-seen forms of life.: Examples: Zoing (possibly); most of the monsters of Sturmhalten's sewers

Type VIII: Sideshows - not much different. Extra large or small; minor alterations such as added horns or abnormal color, i.e. unicorns or pink cats. One of us! Gooble gobble, gooble gobble! One of us! One of us!: Examples: Mimmoths, Lapinemoths, the Monster Horse Beastie
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Type IX: Borgs - clank-construct combos. We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better...stronger...faster.:Examples: Wasp eaters, Snapper Boikov, Radioheads, That guy behind Agatha

Type X: Hybrids - construct falling into more than one basic category, i.e. type IV/VI.:Examples: Klaus may instead be a type II/III; the wasp weasels may be VIII/IX.

Type XI: WTF - catchall for every thing that DOESN'T fit any category.:Examples: Not known, but Von Pinn, the Hoomhoffers, the Lackya, and the slaver wasps are not conclusively categorized.

Type XII: My mistake...- For the rare case of being commonly mistaken for constructs, but aren't. Aliens/extradimensional beings would qualify as well as when mother nature shows her sense of humor to fleeing townsfolk who have heard of, say, t-rex dinosaurs who were just brought in thru a time portal. Of course, some of these categories are subject to speculation and the conflicting classification systems of their creators. Keep an eye on Category:Constructs and the inhabitants thereof.

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