Depot Fortress of St. Szpac Edit


                              Fortress Depot of St. Szpac from the air

This structure is a staging and repair hub maintained in the general vicinity of Mechanicsburg by the order of Corbettite monks, as part of their Europa-spanning rail network. (It has been stated that other such outposts exist, but none have yet been named or depicted.) Given the insular and self reliant nature of the order what might appear to be a simple maintenance depot is in fact a classified and fully equipped fortress well able to defend itself, as is shown by the arrival at St. Szpac of Tweedle and his forces.

Vaults Edit

Along with its defensive and repair facilities, this fortress also houses numerous subterranean vaults in which the Corbettites safeguard various dangerous and even deadly curiosities and horrors which one way or another have ended up in their possession. This collection includes such items as the holy one (seen only in retrospective ) and The Beast, which is released by Margarella Selnikov, after which it devastates the Fortress in its vengeful search for metal to devour. A Dreen has even been briefly sighted near the Vaults, though it is not clear if the creature was at one point contained in one of them.

Agatha Edit

Agatha pays a brief but eventful visit to St. Szpac after the Corbettite train on which she is traveling is attacked and forced to withdraw to the Depot's sanctuary. She helps halt The Beast's attack and then assists the monks in completing work on a highly experimental train, which she rides away from the Depot as she resumes her interrupted journey.

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