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This page collects all non-canon information concerning Corbettite Monks.

The Secret BlueprintsEdit

The Secret Blueprints describe[1] a "railway system of the Corbettite Monks". It is one of the few transportation options available to those without the wherewithal to afford their own walking-clank or airship. Unfortunately, the Corbettite railway system only covers a few areas, most likely between major urban centers, exacerbating the difference between town and Wastelands. Further, there are unspecified "dangers" in using the Corbettite railway.

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Othar's TwitterEdit

A "Corbettite Train" and a Corbettite monk feature in Othar's Twitter. Apparently, the Monks support their ministry by selling fudge.

The Monastery of St. Emo is a Corbettite retreat which keeps "Fudge Hounds", sent out to rescue travellers from starvation much in the same way as the legends of St. Bernard rescue dogs. Othar apparently foiled a plot to steal all the dogs.

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Possibly relevant outside informationEdit

As a religious order with technological competence, the Corbettites are reminiscent of the Cistercian Trappist monks who operated on Babylon 5. Brother Theo and his order supported their ministry by selling their services as computer experts and engineers.

There is also a passing resemblance to the brothers of the Order of St. Vidicon of Cathode. This article was deleted from Wikipedia.--Bosda Di'Chi 14:49, August 5, 2011 (UTC)

Pontifex is a Latin term which technically means "bridge builder" but from earliest history has had religious implications as well.

The Order's name is an homage to the classic space opera series, Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. If you pay very close attention, you can hear the tones used to command naval vessels during WWII.

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Daily SketchesEdit

The daily sketch for February 4, 2007 depicts a Corbettite and what appears to be two views of one of their engines.


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