Count Wolkerstorfer is a Spark who is an expert in the field of magnetism, and pilots a large suit of powered armor which is presumably of his own design; he is yet to been seen in the flesh, having so far only appeared while operating said armor.

He is first encountered in-story by Agatha and entourage while they are en route to Paris on the Wyrm of Limerick. He is battling with another spark named Count Oömfumf who appears to be a One Man Band and uses sound as his weapon. Their fight has resulted in an avalanche of snow and a broken bridge, stopping the train. Count Oömfumf is slain by Count Wolkerstorfer via a death ray built into the latter's armor.

While a skilled Spark, he is incredibly forgetful. When subsequently confronting the heroes, he must backtrack through his thoughts audibly to remember exactly what he was doing: searching for Margarella Selnikov and the items which she stole, as ordered by (it is eventually revealed) Martellus von Blitzengaard. According to Count Oömfumf, Wolkerstorfer's scatterbrained nature is what got him sent "out to the green caverns to oversee the ant farms " The nature of said ant farms are so far unknown, although they may have something to do with the bone eating ants Wolkerstorfer mentions.

Agatha damages his armor using the Corbettite Monks' rail-creating machine, before he reveals is working with some fearsome bear-like constructs, forcing the heroes to flee and escape in the Wyrm's emergency sanctuary cars. Wolkerstorfer sends the unenthusiastic Bears after them, and later catches up with Agatha and Co. (as well as Tweedle and his forces) at the Corbittites' Depot Fortress of St. Szpac as they are all attempting to contain The Beast. Wolkerstorfer displays no anger from their previous encounter or concern for his personal safety, and willingly contributes his expertise in magnetism towards the current struggle.

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