Currencies mentioned in Girl Genius Edit

A (possibly incomplete) list of currencies used in the comic.

The information is compiled from a LiveJournal thread on the subject in the "Girl Genius Lab: Agatha's Minions" community.

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

United Kingdom Edit

Since 1971 the Pound has been divided into 100 Pence (abbreviated p).

Prior to decimalization the coinage was complicated[1][2]:

  • The Pound was divided into 20 Shillings (abbreviated s).
  • The Shilling was divided into 12 Pence (abbreviated d).
  • The Pence was divided into 4 Farthings.
  • There were names for additional denominations, including:
    • The Groat valued at four pence.
    • The Mark, variously valued at 100 pence and 160 pence.[3]
    • The Trade Dollar, used for international trade.[4] Similar Trade Dollars were issued by many countries.

Germany Edit

Before the introduction of the Euro, the German unit of currency was the Mark, divided into 100 Pfennigs. The Mark was revalued several times due to financial changes and problems and had various names (Goldmark, Reichsmark, Rentenmark).[5]

Prior to unification in 1871, the general area of Germany consisted of a huge number of states (Duchies, Principalities, Counties, Archbishoprics, Free Cities, and states of many other types) with many different currencies. Many of the states had coins with a denomination of a Pfennig, but the value varied widely.[6]

For several hundred years a common basis for German (and other European) currencies was the Thaler.[7] The size of this coin was copied by many other countries, including the Spanish Dollar (commonly know as a "piece of eight") and the trade dollars mentioned above. The thaler lent its subdivisions to a variety of descended currencies (including the British pound), which were the schilling (20 per thaler) and the pfennig (12 per schilling). The p mentioned above may refer to pfennigs. (Incidentally, the p is not silent in pfennig. This is one of many pecularities of the German language which can create sublime comedy.)


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