Deathwish duPree, all parts in order

Deathwish Dupree Girl Genius Radio Theatre
Part 1.1
Deathwish DuPree p107:48

Deathwish DuPree p1.1 - Girl Genius Radio 2008

Part 1.2
Deathwish DuPree p107:41

Deathwish DuPree p1.2 - Girl Genius Radio 2008

Part 2.1
Deathwish DuPree Pt 206:00

Deathwish DuPree Pt 2.1 - Girl Genius Radio 2008

Part 2.2
Deathwish DuPree pt 205:28

Deathwish DuPree pt 2.2 - girl Genius Radio 2008

Part 3.1
Deathwish DuPree pt 305:45

Deathwish DuPree pt 3.1 - girl Genius Radio 2008

Part 3.2
Deathwish DuPree pt 307:35

Deathwish DuPree pt 3.2 - Girl Genius Radio 2008

Pirate Captive plan A[1]Edit

Pirate Captive plan A includes:

  • Scrubbing the deck with a toothbrush in the rain
  • Peeling potatoes
  • Cleaning fish
  • Scraping cloud barnacles off the hull
  • And generally being tortured to the crew's amusement
  • Until we feed you to the flying monkeys.


  1. Part 1.2 at 324 seconds in

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