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Where is she now?Edit

Cousin Pinky


When he meets Agatha, Theo states that until now all of his relatives have been dead or missing or head in a jar. Now he has two cousins that we know about. Plus an Aunt or two. Demonica is an aunt. So is she dead? Missing? All we know is her daughter Zola looks like her.

The fearsome body that houses the soul of the muse of protection, has so close a resemblance to the Mongfish sisters that the children think "Everyone knows she's Lucrezia". There must be a reason for that. Also when cut does Von Pinn not spill red blood? There is something definitely more to Von Pinn's body than we have thought about so far.

The explanation for this is that rather than Lucrezia the parts for Von Pinn were supplied by the revivified (and possibly Jägerized) Demonica. As we know Lu likes to rely on family. The resemblance to Zola is there.

People who support this theory: Rej¿¤¤?

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