"Deuce Dingbot" is the 2nd model of prime Dingbot clank created by Agatha.[1][2] Based on her favorite design, it is hard to distinguish in appearance from her other prime clanks. At least some of the prime Dingbots seem to differ in their limbs, especially in the number and size of the arm's hinges. [3] We would have thought it to be Dingbot Prime except we know where that one is.

Deuce dingbot primping 20090429

"Squeeka, squeeka; shuff, shuff; ting!"

Agatha first tasks the little guy with seeing what it can do with a declanked Fun-Sized Mobile Agony and Death Dispenser. Quite a lot as it turns out. Deuce also doubles as a compact mirror when Agatha wants to check her appearance.

The Castle is nervous about Deuce, but, as Agatha says , "It's just one little clank!" What could possibly go wrong?


  1. "I like to have assistants when I work—so I make them."
  2. Of course she eventually hade to make newer models see Queenie
  3. Though, perhaps with just the hint of an eyelash .

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