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Cute little clanks to the rescue!

Creator Agatha Heterodyne (inventor); each other (later models)
Purpose repair tools, recording devices, mobile bombs, etc.
First Appearance The first appearance of Dingbot Prime.

The Dingbots are small clanks, invented by Agatha Heterodyne. They are based on a design Agatha was trying before she lost her locket[1].They are more or less self-replicating, though each "generation" is less well-constructed than the last, preventing them from replicating endlessly.[2] Only Dingbot Prime appears sturdy enough to last all through the story. They are autonomous and often do helpful things without direction from Agatha, sometimes without her even knowing it.[3][4][5] They seem best suited to assisting their mistress with mechanical tasks, though they can serve a variety of purposes; some can record and replay music[6], deliver messages[7], and presumably other things as well. Some, such as those built into the Battle Circus, could even self-detonate.[8] According to the text accompanying the sketch A Big Clank Meets a Little Clank, the last function was the first one conceived.

Possibly relevant outside informationEdit

The Dingbots bear a certain abstract resemblance to the creatures known as "brownies" (more properly, "Watchmakers") in the 1974 novel The Mote in God's Eye, but without the (more) catastrophe-prone... aspect(s) (intentionally left vague to avert any additional Mote spoilers).

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