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The Dingbots are small clanks, invented by Agatha Heterodyne. They are based on a design Agatha was trying before she lost her locket[1].They are more or less self-replicating, though each "generation" is less well-constructed than the last, preventing them from replicating endlessly.[2] Only Dingbot Prime appears sturdy enough to last all through the story. They are autonomous and often do helpful things without direction from Agatha, sometimes without her even knowing it.[3][4][5] They seem best suited to assisting their mistress with mechanical tasks, though they can serve a variety of purposes; some can record and replay music[6], deliver messages[7], and presumably other things as well. Some, such as those built into the Battle Circus, could even self-detonate.[8] According to the text accompanying the sketch A Big Clank Meets a Little Clank, the last function was the first one conceived.

Possibly relevant outside informationEdit

The Dingbots bear a certain abstract resemblance to the creatures known as "brownies" (more properly, "Watchmakers") in the 1974 novel The Mote in God's Eye, but without the (more) catastrophe-prone... aspect(s) (intentionally left vague to avert any additional Mote spoilers).

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