"An abomination of science that curdles the milk of all honest men!"

Dr. Chouteh is, in appearance, a large man with reddish-blonde hair, sideburns or muttonchops, on fair skin, who carries a staff that has what appear to be high voltage wires connecting its rather elaborate head to the character's head. The purpose of the staff is unknown.

At his first appearance, Boris Dolokhov refers to him as "Doctor" and allows that he could count on him for high drama, which the Doctor proceeds to deliver in spades. Before his name was revealed, this character was known as as Dr. McBoombast or Ham Shatner on fan sites for his flamboyant behavior and extravagant language. Recently, however, this character has been definitely identified as Dr. Chouteh (pronounced Shout-tay) by Word of God, in this reddit AMA (ask me anything) session.

The Evolution of a CharacterEdit

Two earlier versions of this character (or at least a character with the same name) can be found in the old Girl Genius Daily Sketch section of the Girl Genius website: looking nothing like the existing character here and and beginning to approximate him here.

Real World ModelEdit

Dr. Chouteh is definitely a large ham, and has been compared to such real life large hams as William Shatner by fans, but Kaja has confirmed that he was actually based on another really large ham, Brian Blessed.