One of the Baron's researchers. He managed to make up for his lack of Sparkiness with conventional intelligence and a sensible yet creative approach- tasked with studying the hive engine from Beetleburg, he initially considered the project far too dangerous to be worth undertaking,[1] but he bowed to the Baron's reasoning and was the one who came up with a way of determining its age. Unfortunately, his friend Mr. Rovainen succumbed to his revenant compulsions and stabbed him[2] before it could be tried, in the first sleeper activation we see. [3]

How his body was disposed of is unknown. It had not been found when the wasp outbreak was noticed the next day,[4] and may or may not have been discovered since then. The circumstances of his demise, however, are almost certainly now known to Wulfenbach, as Rovainen seems to have been able to speak more or less freely once the game was already up.[5]

His eyes had curiously red irises in black sclera, which may mean he was some kind of construct. The tinted glasses he usually wore made them look nearly normal.

This character is drawn as a very androgynous person with a high forehead and skinny neck, which is not a typical character for Phil Foglio. It may be that Doctor Vg is female. His/her friend, Mister Rovainen is typical of several other people scattered around the Girl Genius universe. Are they all Finns?


  1. Rather emphatically, in fact; he wanted it dropped into a volcano.
  2. At least he was very sorry about it.
  3. The first confirmed one, anyway. And the most informative, not that that's saying much.
  4. It didn't help that it was Rovainen who brought the news.
  5. Caught by a wasp eater, as seen toward the beginning of Volume VI.