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The Dreen help defend the Castle Wulfenbach

The Dreen are a type of Wulfenbach forces about which we currently know very little. They may be constructs. They may be clanks. But they are apparently strong and/or fast enough for Klaus to consider them good guards for Adam and Lilith. Before we were properly "introduced" to them, Word of God told us that the shrouded, conical-hatted things in the background of this page are them.

They are of about average human height or a little taller and seem to be built on the upright-quadruped human body plan, though their obscuring clothing makes this very uncertain. Their somewhat small shoulder-to-hip width ratio and slender arms may, speculatively, indicate that they are, are derived from, or at least generally resemble human females. They are completely enveloped in a burqa-like shapeless black robe or environment suit with a single oval glowing-green optical portal at the level of human eyes, which may be another hint of approximately humanoid configuration in the head region.  Over this is worn a golden or brass-colored conical hat, from which descends a translucent veil, about half the length of the robes. Only their arms are exposed outside of the black drapery, and whether that's black-and-green-striped skin terminating in cyan hands or suit sleeves with gloves, they still have unnaturally long, spidery, claw-like fingers (arachnodactyls) which seem sharp and strong enough to easily penetrate a slaver warrior's carapace.

In the book Agatha H and the Airship city, they are described as 'killing with a touch' and as being the only thing that the slaver wasps seem to honestly fear. "Deep within the midst of the enemies moved the Dreen, two unearthly terrifying creatures garbed in dark wide brimmed conical hats and long, obscuring veils. They killed with a touch, and they alone seemed to scare the Slaver Wasps. Everywhere they drifted a circle of emptiness opened around them as wasps desperatly tried to escape."

The Dreen take part in Wulfenbach's attack on Mechanicsburg. Their reputation is so fearsome that even the normally stalwart Jagermonsters opt to flee from them .

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

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  • The Dreen are the bad guys in a series of novels by John Ringo and Travis S. Taylor.
  • Also, another race called the Dreen feature in Star Rider by Doris Piserchia.
  • And a race by that name appears in "Man of Two Worlds" by Frank Herbert and Brian Herbert.

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