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The Gilded DukeEdit

It has been suggested that the Gilded Duke and the Duke D'Omas are one and the same person.

People who support this theory: Rej¿¤¤?, Acacia, Necrotas, Caedocyon



Vienna 707, the D'Omas walking gunboat on which Moloch von Zinzer and his brothers served, was golden in color and had a "gilded" appearance (i.e., scroll-work on the hull). Moloch also noted that the Duke D'Omas paid his minions in gold.

Smilin' Stev, a clank of the Gilded Duke, has a similar "gilded" appearance about its knees.


The Gilded Duke was defeated about a year[1] before the beginning of the main narrative.

As the story opens, Moloch von Zinzer has just recently arrived in Beetleburg. He came there following the destruction of Vienna 707. Vienna 707 was destroyed en route to Paris by Bangladesh DuPree on her last airship mission just before her first appearance in the story. Vienna 707 and its crew took up raiding the countryside for supplies after the Baron blew up the Duke D'Omas's mountain. It is reasonable that the amount of time between the fall of the Duke D'Omas and the von Zinzer brothers washing up in Beetleburg could be about a year. Thus, the fall of the Gilded Duke and the fall of the Duke D'Omas could be the same event.


Gil's description of the Gilded Duke's character—that he "hunted peasants for sport"[2]—would be consistent with what little is known about the character of the Duke D'Omas.

  • D'Omas' taste in women was unlikely to lead to natural childern.


There is at least one case in the comic where one person is referred to by two different names, without an explicit connection between them being established in the comic itself: Dr. Dimitri and Dr. Vapnoople. We know, though, that they are the same person, because the Cast of Characters on the Girl Genius web site has an entry for Dr. Dimitri Vapnoople. Thus, the precedent is established for at least the possibility that they both could be the same person.

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  1. According to someone who was presumably there.
  2. "The Gilded Duke hunted peasants for sport."

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