Bangladesh DuPree maintains a small squad of personal troops, loyal to her. We have seen only five members of this squad, four of whom are Human women, dressed in classicaly piratic fashion and heavily armed. A fifth member is a large figure of indeterminate gender, wearing a uniform, helmet, and goggles, that completely obscures his/her gender, and possibly, species. He/she/it was unarmed at the time, and was seriously injured or killed by one of Agatha's mini-clank bombs.

Since squads consist of eight to thirteen members, there may be more members we have not seen.

It is unknown if any of the members of DuPree's Squad were part of her old air pirate crew, but it cannot be ruled out. Their tendency to wear clothing and carry weapons associated with pirates leaves this possibility open.

The novelization implies that all of these characters are female, as it says that her crew is.

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