Lucrezia attempted to transfer a copy of her mind and personality into Zola Malfeazium, so she could escape from castle Hetrodyne and the various parties pursuing her. This backfired because House Malfeazium is made up of exceedingly thorough researchers, assisted by Loremistress Milvistle. They had found tools with which to resist Lucrezia's mind transfer techniques and they had used them on Zola just in case it became necessary, insuring that any forcible transfer would result in mutual brain death. Thanks to this, Zola remained in control of her own body after the transfer, housing the copy within a prepared neural net. With this she was able to pick through the memories of Lucrezia that were downloaded into her brain during the attempt to overlay a copy of Lucrezia into her brain. Zola was later placed in the Great Hospital at Mechanicsburg where she had an encountered a copy of Lucrezia stored in the mechanical body of Anevka Sturmvoraus. She convinced that copy of Lucrezia that she did in fact have a working copy of Lucrezia in her own body. Lucrezia-in-Anevka then took steps to help Zola heal faster than normal. It remains to be seen if those efforts killed Zola or her captive Dybbuk.