Throwing people from airships is a breach of etiquette but excusable in exceptional circumstances .

-- Giffard's Guide to Airship Handling

Ever since 1784 when  Jean-Pierre_Blanchard attached a propeller to a balloon (complete with death ray, subsequently laying waste to great stretches of land outside Paris), Europans have led the way in airship design, use, and Sparkiness. Over a century later, the Europa of Girl Genius is home to the largest airship city in the world as well as the premier construction yard in Stockholm. This has led to the creation of several fleets of airships, crewed by airshipmen from all parts of the world. These fine individuals have developed, over the generations, ways to get along (no matter what their masters, Spark or Royalty, might try):

  • When you see a fire down below, notify the townspeople. [1]
    • This is a sacred duty (people with burning homes that know about it have important things to do while people with burned-out homes tend to follow the airships they blame and everyone's gotta land sometime).
  • If you'd live to see the end of day, from Mechanicsburg two leagues stay.[2]
    • Bad poetry yes, but a good way to remember that Heterodynes tend to be a bit touchy about their airspace.
    • "If you'd live to see the end of day, from Mechanicsburg nine-point-six kilometers stay" [3] never really caught on with the airshipmen.
  • It's always a good idea to pay attention to the Captain.[4]
    • The Kraddok Corollary: It's always a good idea to pay attention to those folks who've managed to cheat entropy the longest.
  • Don't mess about in the wheelhouse. [5]

Airshipmen who don't follow these rules of etiquette tend to be classed as the worst kind of air pirate. They also lose their membership in the Guild of Shipwrights, Aeronauts and Cartographers.


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