"NOTHING says "spoiled, cowardly son of a great man" like BLACK LEATHER!"
The Fashion Clank[1]
Fashion Clank entire

Full view of the Fashion Clank.

The Fashion clank is a robot knocked together with ridiculous rapidity by Agatha in Revenge of the Weasel Queen Part 2. It speaks with a French accent, suggested by its exclamations ("Mon Dieu!") and tendency towards rudely candid remarks about the clothing of the story's heroes. The clank has an inclination for creating instantaneous fashion improvements for Agatha , Krosp , and Zeetha in the form of paper dolls. According to Agatha, its original purpose, much to its horror , was to convert the carcasses of the giant rabbits killed (largely) in part 1 into disguises for Agatha and her companions to use to infiltrate the lair of Ferretina, the Weasel Queen.

Despite the fact that it only appeared as a comic relief character in that story, the fashion clank has reared its opinionated tube-shaped head in the most recent comics . Its fashion suggestions for Gil are arguably the flashier and more elaborate ones he has come up with to date.

Voice Edit

In performance of Weasel Queen as a radio play, the fashion clank is voiced by Phil Foglio, using a voice similar to that of Wally Shawn, who played Vizzini in The Princess Bride and the voice of Rex in Toy Story.


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