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Discussion for comic for 2006-05-12 (Friday) .

After transcribing the below I checked the Y! group, thinking surely I just duplicated someone's effort, but a search for "Dimo" in the bodies of messages from 2006-05-11 to 05-18 didn't turn up anything relevant. Looks like the the discussion starts with Poor Lars... (getting light-headed) ⚙Zarchne 17:13, 9 August 2008 (UTC)

complete dialogEdit

  1. (ug)
  2. (uh)
  3. ow
  4. Eek!
  5. Hy beg hyu pardon!
  6. Vat did ve lend on?
  7. I lended on rocks. Hyu lended on me.
  8. [6 cont.] Oh. Thenk hyu.
  9. Who's got the lantern?
  10. um. Dropped it.
  11. [9 cont] Terrific.
  12. Hey— aren't there supposed to be phosphorescent crystals or fungi or something?
  13. Sold 'em.
  14. [12 cont.] Darn.
  15. [13 cont.] I got a lighter.
  16. Hey, Great! Now all we need is a lantern!
  17. [15 cont.] ...ah.
  18. Hey, wait. I think there's some moss on these rocks.
  19. Moss? Down here?
  20. [18 cont.] Yeah— dry, too. Okay, let's try—
  21. [action: lighting "moss"]
  22. [Sturvin: ] Aah!
  23. [Lars: drops "rock": ] Crash! snuf.
  24. Hokay, de goot news is dot de bones vasn't scattered.
  25. That's good?
  26. [24 cont.] Yah. Dere ain't monsters attacking pipple from de dark.
  27. [25 cont.] ... That is good.
  28. Found the lantern!
  29. Goot! De bad news is dot anyvun who vind up here— dey stay here.
  30. [Dimo: ] Before ve rescue Miz Agatha— ve gots to rescue us.

My guesses:

  • 1,2,3: probably Sturvin, Veilchen, and Lars; guessing respectively, hard to say for sure
  • 4: Zeetha, obviously.
  • 5: Maxim is closest to Zeetha when the light comes on, and likely to be polite. Also, these are possibly the only two lines Zeetha and Maxim have on this page.
  • 6,8: Oggie is next to...
  • 7: Dimo when the light comes on, and best fits the respective comic & straight personalities of these two.
  • 9,11: Maybe Krosp.
  • 10: Lars and Zeetha were last to be seen holding lanterns, way back when Kalikoff led them into the Deepdown. Let's guess Lars.
  • 12,14: Veilchin would have the best awareness to ask this question of...
  • 13,15,17: Sturvin, surely.
  • 16: How about Krosp, again?
  • 18, 20: If this is the same as 21, then Sturvin, handing the "rock" to Lars. Otherwise Lars, searching for the latern he dropped.
  • 19: Someone familiar with caves or sewers, and not Jäger. Maybe Veilchen. However, if partner 18, 20 is Lars, then Sturvin.
  • 21: Sturvin appears to be the one who worked the lighter, while Lars held the "rock".
  • 22, 23 (in the light)
  • 25, 27: Going to go with Krosp. Sounds like him. Possibly Lars, though.
  • 28: At first, guessing Krosp again. He was looking away from the lantern, likely to regain a cool head, and probably has better dark adaptation than anyone. Zeetha's hands are full. Sturvin is another possibility... he presumably knows what he's looking for, and given that 27 & 28 are both said without breaking train of thought in 24-26-29-30, probably two different people. Veilchen doesn't exclaim when he talks. Maybe Lars, but I would have expected him to be too shaken. Okay, Sturvin. No, Lars.
  • 24, 26, 29, 30: All one statement, revealed to be spoken by Dimo.

Zarchne 18:31, 9 August 2008 (UTC)

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