...wonder what he eats.


...Oh. Right.

"Are you not Franz Scortchmaw - Bone gnawer of the Heterodynes?" --PrettyBoy[1]

Franz is a large reptilian-looking monster[2] who sleeps somewhere above Mamma Gkika's and below other parts of Mechanicsburg. When the Doom Bell rings he wakes.

Who better to guard a treasure hoard than a dragon?

Flight capability Edit


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He is unable to actually fly the way birds do, most likely due to his strength to weight ratio. However, he can fly by using a contraption that resembles a bicycle carried aloft by ducted propellers that are driven by a long bicycle chain which was made for him by Master Barry. In the past, it seems he attempted to use birds and kites to fly.


  1. Fighting woids
  2. Are there— monsters? Like at Sturmhalten?"
    "Ho, yez. But here, ve all vorks for de Heterodynes."

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