In "Agatha Heterodyne and the Electric Coffin", Garon is one of a gang of abandoned constructs going from village to village, carrying out frauds. They would then evade pursuit through the apparent death, and subsequent surreptitious revival, of the member of the gang carrying out their fraud in any given village. Despite their general success at running the con, he and his comrades Torsti Lechwa, Luilla and Zon, were starting to show strong signs of lack of proper maintenance.

Garon has only a few lines, but shows willingness to trust Agatha Heterodyne's offer of help quickly. He is the least "normal" of the group, looking more like a toned-down werewolf (fangy teeth, pointed ears, long-toed clawed feet) than a stitched-together human. Agatha helps replace his missing eye, among less obvious losses.