Also known as "Roc"

This weird beast has not yet received an official name in the story, but since it's affiliated with the Geisterdamen, "Geisterdragon" seems reasonable for the time being. Or Geisteroc given its resemblance to a bird.

It first appears here , helping a pair of Geisterdamen stand guard in Sturmhalten just as a swarm of Wingbots created by Agatha are released to send the message that she's in need of a rescue. The creature notices, and "GRAAK"'s an alarm before busily setting to work destroying the Wingbots. Despite the "Geisterdragon"'s best efforts, one apparently gets through to spread the word. Just about this time, Ardsley Wooster shows up in Gil's rebuilt flying machine, which also catches the Geisterdragon's attention, but a nice bit of subterfuge by the surviving Wingbot sends it careening to what appears to be its doom, and on the Wingbot goes to do its thing.


It's unclear whether this critter is a Construct or something natural -- "natural" being something of a relative term, to be sure, and if it is "natural," it's only thus on the Geisterdamen's home plane of existence (whatever that is), not the one with Europa and the rest of the Foglio-verse. It's certainly clear enough, however, that you don't really want to run into another one like it, so it's categorized among the Villains for now.

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