The Geisterdamen speak a language that one might term "Geisterspeak" or "Geisterese." It is distinct from the common language of Europa and incomprehensible to run-of-the-mill Europans.

The language is spoken by Lucrezia (while she posesses Agatha's body). At least one version of Anevka also speaks it with some degree of fluency, and Tarvek understands it and presumably speaks it (assumming he's the speaker in the fourth panel).

Uses of Geisterspeak Edit

  • Volume VI, pages 15-18 (mainly expletives)
  • Volume VI, page 59 (mostly translated)
  • Volume X, page 74 (English equivalent given)
  • Act 2, vol. 2, page 106 (expletive)

Decoding Edit

No Rosetta Stone for Geisterspeak has been found, and no signifiant information has been obtained from un-translated Geisterspeak. It is believe that Eotain and Shurdlu are the names of two Geisters from two different uses of those words.

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