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As one of the oldest living Jägers, General Goomblast sees[1] a larger picture than the average Jägermonster. He got along well with Agatha (whom he presumably knew was a Heterodyne) when she was over for tea and seems downright personable, staying out of the growing argument until he was hit on the head.

He has an exceptionally enormous toothy mouth, and goggles and a metal cap apparently riveted to his skull.

Goomblast is one of the troika of Jäger generals who run things Jägerish aboard the Castle (where Klaus can keep an eye on them), along with his fellow Jägergenerals, Khrizhan and Zog.

His first name is probably Alexi (based on a comment and his previous tea serving ). However, the novelization gives this name to Khrizhan. Goomblast's weapon is long rapier. And he seems to be a perfect swordsman.


  1. and not just because of the goggles

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