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Not much is known about the Ht'rok-din in modern days except that the last name was eventually changed to Heterodyne.

What is known is that he and his tribe (timing suggests Hungarian or Magyar, etymology suggests Hunnic or proto-Mongolian) moved into the area now known as Mechanicsburg somewhere in the early 1000s (common reckoning).

Castle Heterodyne implies that he was the first to drink the waters of the Dyne. His family settled and prospered, their name eventually mutating into "Heterodyne".

Ghenghis Heterodyne (or as he was known originally, Ghengis Ht'rok-din) was probably the founder (or at least an important part of the root stock) of the greatest, most feared dynasty of Sparks that Europa has ever seen. As we now know , the unknown nomadic tribe from which the Heterodynes decended were heavily influenced by Mongol culture in all aspects, including - apparently - titles. "Chingis Khan" or as is more commonly Westernized, "Genghis Khan", probably means "Oceanic ruler" or "Universal ruler" [1]; this was the unique title given to the great Mongol leader Temujin after he was made "Khaghan" or "Great Khan" over all the Mongol tribes — their Emperor.

The idea of being one-up on an Emperor likely had strong appeal to the ambitious Ht'rok-din clan; that they were able to realize their ambition fairly well made them a vital component of Europa.

The talents of his descendants suggest he may have been a strong Spark in addition to his particular tendency towards inherent viciousness, also passed on. They were "evil despots to a man", quite literally. One of the other tendencies passed on was the extremely strong likelihood of sons born to the family. Heterodyne daughters were extremely rare.

We find out in the brief tale of the Homecoming King that he certainly knew about the Monolith network and utilized it to his advantage in his quest to conquer Europa. Certainly the Monoliths helped him establish his family and power. He is seen in the tale to be in The madness place, but at the present time nothing is known as to how he came by the Monolith network.

His son Knife built the first Castle in Mechanicsburg in 1042. It seems black hair is a family trait with all descendants including Bill Heterodyne (akin to the red hair of the Valois family). Barry Heterodyne and Agatha Heterodyne appear to have halted that tradition.

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