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Ghost Spiders are the giant pale white arachnids[1] that the Geisterdamen use as mounts. This is the reason Geisterdamen are sometimes referred to as Spider Riders.

When it (creepily) has to get there overnight Edit

These creatures can be used to transport a Geisterdame and her gear , although they have been known to pull a cart as well. However, for the really big loads, Geisterdamen go for some big nasties .

Not much else is known about these mysterious beasts, except that they probably come from the original home of the Geisterdamen, given their similar pale white appearance (see also Geisterdragon …and maybe even the Geisterwolfen? ).

Other Uses Edit

According to the novel Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess, the spiders produce a "juice" which the Geisterdamen use to make a rather tasty cheese; this fact proves to be a source of queasy displeasure to Tarvek, who only belatedly learns the foodstuff's source. An offhand comment by Geisterdame Vrin in the same passage would imply that the spiders are at least smarter than cows.

Smoke Knights led by Madwa Korel, still loyal to The Other even after being kicked out of the Knights of Jove conspiracy, makes use of Ghost Spider venom as a main ingredient in six different "recipes", at least one of which is lethal when ingested, along with causing weight gain and/or bloating.


  1. Although appearing very much like ordinary spiders, Ghost Spiders differ in two important respects: the very obvious matter of their much greater size and the slightly less obvious fact that they are apparently missing two legs. (Spiders have eight legs in four pairs; Ghost Spiders have six legs in three pairs.) Possibly one pair of legs is much smaller than the others and is not easily seen.

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